Day 10: Now the wait begins..

Hey guys,

Finally at 5:26AM I finished the information that Ryan Lee requested. As a result, I can now post back to update you guys after my much needed rest through most of the day. What’s funny is that I’m still on a bit of a high after speaking to Ryan yesterday morning. Crazy, the power of one phone call right?

Well, although your used to longer posts, this is just an update that I’m still hammering away, a little bit each day. I actually finished my idea flow chart which is hanging approximately at the grand size of 3 x A1 lengths.

I’ll try to post a pick later for yall to see though it’ll probably only make sense to me : )

Anyhow, I’d best be getting some shut eye as I have some more work to do tomorrow as I continue to my promise of being the 80-Day Millionaire.

Hopefully I can update you on some other items that I’ve been working on too, especially considering that my investment in my own Self Development and Personal Success is yeilding such amazing results. I hope you too, enjoy equal success in your own personal Journeys To and Of Success.