Day 116: Every man and his dog..

Ever have the feeling that you were being pulled this way and that by every man and his dog? Even more so when it came to keeping money in your pocket with the intent to have it later work for you?

Well last week was a doozy!

Not only did I receive the joy of shaking hands with forgotten bills but I also had my home appliances conspire to thwart any of my attempts to put aside 10% of my earnings for investment. As I continued to diligently put aside the money as soon as it entered my account, I drew a certain satisfaction from seeing it gradually increase with each job I finished. I’d have to say it was almost down-right fun to see the numbers go oddly in the opposite direction they were normally accustomed to!

But that wasn’t the best of it.

Last week, despite receiving several turn-downs, I prospected several clients very keen to have their websites redesigned. I also finished up with my very first client, who offered some very welcome praise. I won’t sugar-coat it now, I did step as far back from prospecting as I possibly could which will undoubtedly have a consequence 2 weeks down the line.

But never one to be a sourpuss, I also launched the new design for my web design company website. It was great to finally have somewhere I could begin showcasing all my client work. Fortunately, the developer I have working with me is quick smart and was able to develop a custom app in little less than 30 hours to provide a dynamic tool for adding new clients to our portfolio.

The first month had come and gone and suffice to say, I have soooo much to learn about running, managing and developing a small business. From creating a sales process to improving administration, there’s a lot I don’t know and it feels like the last month has been a roller coaster ride in a hail storm without a helmet. Got some hard welts when it came to balancing deadlines and delegating work loads, as well as following up on corrections, revisions and appointments. In it though, I’ve had a number of successes that have seen me begin to increase my weekly earnings somewhat over the last month.

One thing I’ve learned is to pull back from the rush of complete immersion, in exchange for a lighter more measured and timely introduction to the many facets of running a small business. I want to make this a success so it’s time I got serious.

…Especially with my bank account going up for a change! :)