Day 12: Time Goes So Fast

Today, I spent most of my day running errands, completing assignments and taking care of my two little girls. It’s actually the first day that I have been a little rushed off my feet. Not sure what to make of it but even though it ended up cutting into my personal-project time, I still managed to do part of what was on my massive daily checklist.

While I was on the train this afternoon, I took the time to reread some of the sections within Michael Gerber’s, The E-Myth Revisited. I gotta say, it’s still a nice read and hit home that I may need to start outsourcing some of the work I’m going to be doing next year. Like the saying goes, “Work on your business, not in it.” At the moment, I’ve been doing a handful of web app development freelance jobs on top of my 3D Animation job and Distributed Software studies. All I can say is that the break from so many different things will be nice and will be well spent taking the little ones out to enjoy the nice Auckland weather (if today’s anything to go by). Sadly, my wife may need to stay homebound as she’s roughly 4 months pregnant and still in the throes of morning sickness as well as a slight case of the flu. : (

As an update, the volunteer 3D Animation work I opted into fell through. The reason was because the P.T.E. (Private Training Institute) ended up losing government funding for art-related subjects. A shame really as I get a kick out of hearing people get excited about creating amazing projects and fantastic pieces once they begin learning the basics of 3D Animation. But hey, where one door closes, another opens right? This now gives me the chance to get my book club project off the ground. I’ll scour the streets on my commute to school for the remainder of this week in an attempt to  find a suitable candidate. The basic plan, like I mentioned in Day 8, is to propose an exchange of a meal or two and company each week, in exchange for the reading of a few chapters from a book I’ve come to love reading, Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Speaking of books, I must grab Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People. I’ve been referred about 3 times in the 6 days so, yes, I have finally gotten the hint! : )

The topic of the book highlights an important point that I need to get more books that focus on sales and marketing(a.k.a. creating lasting relationships). Obviously, I know a little bit but what would be great, is if you guys had a book that you could refer me to, I’d love to get the title so I can either get it from the library or pick it up through Amazon as an early Christmas present. One of my friends on facebook was kind enough to provide a techcrunch link about the value in having strong selling skills even in the role as an Application Developer. Check it out here.

In any case, I’m looking forward to tomorrow because it’ll be the second-to-last day of my course. I’ve almost finished a Software App that was one of the side-ideas I came up with a couple of weeks back and will post it up on the Thinkubator page for all to see. Looking forward to that so, once again, continue sending me any info that you trawl from the net if you feel it might be of value to my cause.

I’m always interested in widening my field of vision and gladly accept any suggestions. My hope is that by learning from these resources, over time, I will be better equipped to lift my mindset from employee-ship to entrepreneurship. That is why I enjoy finding new quotes or snippets of information that are thought-provoking or give cause to reflect on how I can focus more on my own Self Development and Personal Success. Let’s all consider our opportunity for growth going into the new day. There are a wealth of opportunities just waiting for us and I’m certain the rewards will surely outweigh the cost as we pursue our Journeys to and Of Success. Good luck!