Day 135: Was Your "How could I have missed it?!" moment as obvious as mine?…

Sometimes, the best choice is the most obvious choice and I couldn’t believe I’d ignored a niche I was certain I could succeed in after I answered five life-changing questions. I’ll explain what these are at the end of this post.

I love the saying “When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear.” To say I’ve been eager to find a teacher since I first started my 80-Day Journey is an understatement but despite lacking the confidence to secure one of the greats I powered through and ended up meeting three offline mentors who set me on the right track.

When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear.

At the end of my 80-Day Journey I was short a million or so but had established a small Design Firm specializing in Web Design and Animation.

Since that time, I’ve gone through the motions of learning how the game of sales is played and what techniques a guy like myself needs to implement in order to compete in a market where a company’s competitor is just as likely to be bankruptcy than another company. Getting into the rhythm of things has been difficult for me at times but I can say with a straight face that my results have steadily improved when compared over the last two months.

I’ve decided to get a couple sales and motivation posters designed so that I can hang them on the wall in front of my desk. At the moment, I’ve got my sales call script and response prompts printed off for easy reference when making calls to potential customers. I’ve yet to get comfortable with these calls and I’m sure it shows but I know that the only way to power through it all is to do it again and again and again.

Now, at the start I mentioned that there were five important questions I needed to answer affirmatively to in order to have a hig chance of success. I have to credit Sterling and Jay at Internet Business Mastery for sharing these simple questions with everyone in their 76th podcast and as promised, I’ve listed them below.

Are you passionate about the niche?

The five questions I asked about my niche were:

  1. Are you passionate about the niche?
  2. Does the market have either an urgent pain or a rational passion?
  3. Is the market proactively searching for a solution?
  4. Are you a member of the market or are you at least in touch with the target market on a regular basis?
  5. Does the market have income to buy your solution?

After answering ‘Yes’ to all the questions, I was soaring because I couldn’t believe how blatantly obvious the solution was.

Just to break it down, I’ve been working in the 3D Animation industry both in China and New Zealand, for the last four years. Though brief is presented me with the unique opportunity to work on previz and game design projects in Shanghai before securing a lecturing position at one of the largest schools in the Asia Pacific area. This has led to several offers of employement from two of the largest training establishments in New Zealand given that I have experience in developing and teaching course material focused on Computer Animation.

Given this information, I now know what type of business I next wish to set up, even before I’ve done deep research into keyword terms, competition, traffic volume, LSI, content creation and so forth.

Hidden in plain sight!

Now, given my newfound zest for research and armed with the book of notes I’ve been taking over the last week of late nights, I’m looking forward to diving in to start doing further market research.

One other thing I’m really weak on is follow-through so I’ll be doing some major thinking with this blog too because there are so many things I’ve failed to implement that I can probably pass on to my developer now that he’s up to speed with the WordPress platform.

Again, if you guys have any suggestions on how I could change up my sales game and even my blog, I’m all ears. I really appreciate the input as listening to others is pivotal when it comes to working on one’s Self Development and Personal Success!