Day 14: Crazy Schedules Make For The Most Rewarding Challenges

Each time I’ve sat down to knock off a task, be it working on my wordpress theme, designing an ASP.NET Web Template or just doing a blog entry, it’s always been me versus the To-Do List. I’m try to staycompletely focused on ticking off every one of those damned boxes before I go to sleep weary and ever so eager to introduce my head once again to my pillow each night at about 2AM. The hours have been quite long while trying to juggle so many things in the air but I’d like to think that I’m making some headway with some of my weakly goals

I’ll give you guys a breakdown of my day as of this Self Development Venture of mine:

0640-0710        Wake up and Get Ready for school(sneak out of the house without waking my girls)

0710-0720        Drive to Train Station

0720-0800        Catch Train into the City

0800-0825        Walk to IT Academy

0830-1200        Morning Classes(which actually start at 8AM, ahem…)

1200-1225        Walk back to Train Station

1225-1315         Catch Train back to pick up my car

1315-1330         Drive to Work

1330-1730        Work

1730-1800       Pick up any grocery items on my way home from work

1800-2030      Take care of girls, get them fed, bathed and ready for bed

2030-2130      Clean up Kitchen and Lounge(we have A LOT of toys and my eldest likes to toss food as a hint she’s full(it works I guess!))

2130-0030      Work on Academy Homework, personal website design, blog theme concept and developing my idea for my Million Dollar Deadline

0030-0100     Get ready for bed and go to sleep

One thing  I love about working these hours is that I feel psyched up to get through the day because it is long and I approach it as a challenge. I forgot to add into the schedule that I recite my Mantra when I get up in the morning and when I go down again too.

As for an update on my progress, I’ve recently picked up a few books at the library that I hope will serve as good prepatory information for me. The first book is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People. The other is by Seth Godlin, called All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World. I’ve also had the pleasure of listening to two audio tapes by Jim Rohn, I continually become more and more impressed with this guy. His likability carries so well even as audio that it makes me want to get out and speak publicly as well. One of the many gems I’ve picked up from listening to him, is the strength of words. Better words leading to better communication, better communication leading to better descision making and better decision making leading to having better leaders.

Here is the quote of the day and something that I will endeavor to remember each time I  feel like slacking off from reading a worthwhile book:

“Leaders are Readers”

Short and sweet but if you have your own Self Improvement or Personal Development quotes that you’ve found useful over the years, post them up so we can all pool our knowledge and grow collectively to enjoy great Succes!