Day 18: Talk about bad timing..

So I started making a few calls today to people I knew personally and who I felt had a wealth of knowledge that would be an asset to my Mastermind group. After the first couple of answering machine messages, I began to wonder whether I would get a hold of anybody at all. Turns out, 15 minutes later I’m four for four with everybody either leaving on vacation or apparently so rushed off their feet that they couldn’t’ get to their phones. Like an anvil, the reality of it being four days from Christmas hit. Hard. I honestly couldn’t believe I had been so short-sighted as to not even consider that many of my friends and associates would be taking their vacations and spending time with their families for the next fortnight at least. Problem much? Ah…yes.

I started to consider the long-term ramifications of such an error in planning and realized that I probably picked the hardest time of the year to decide on becoming a millionaire. Heck, with many people away for the next 14 days minimum,  I’d be cutting it pretty close to expect to pull off something amazing after the New Year and before the deadline in February. Thinking any more about this situation only got me more and more agitated so I decided to divert my attention back onto items that were on my checklist. One of those items was finishing my mastermind list (avoided for now) and another was further work on my website. Considering that I had a lot of time and a little amount of money, I decided to focus on the website design as a means of distracting me from the temporary setbacks I was to encounter over the holiday break <sigh>.

As I played with the color palette, column layout and asset placement of my custom theme, I still couldn’t quite shake the nagging feeling of anxiety building up inside my chest and at the back of my mind. It kept chipping away at what little focus I was able to muster at 1:55AM while I continued to play with the look and layout of my wordpress theme. As I thought more and more about my actions leading up to this monumental oversight, I thought ‘Well Josh, you really could’ve been more organized and planned for the Christmas break a little better rather than focusing on one or two other things that were of lesser priority.’ As this ran through my head I couldn’t help but concur with myself and reply ‘I guess I’ll just have to make some lemonade till I can get the oranges I’m really looking for!’ Again, I agreed with myself and proceeded to track back and take honest stock of what I’d done over the last week and what I’d planned to do over the next fortnight.

Suffice to say that on closer review, I realized I had pretty much been riding by the seat of my pants for the most part. Another anvil hit me with the fact that I had been so caught up in the buzz of the moment, I had become complacent and dangerously nonchalant concerning my actual plan for keeping my promise. Knowing this, I decided to add a new task to my list that I would complete first thing in the morning. That task was to plan out what I expected to happen over the remaining 62 days of my millionaire journey and when I expected to reach each of these milestones. I’d thought for a second about planning out everything immediately but soon convinced myself that a decent five and a half hours sleep would benefit the project greatly.

With this in mind, I shut down my pc and went to do my daily training routine (Consisting of a press up/sit up super-set) before having my shower.  An interesting thought struck me as I continued to run the past two weeks through my head. It dawned on me that during this period, I had not simply mucked around, I had instead continued to develop myself through reading and listening to motivating and empowering material. I had repeated the teachings within these books and audio tapes throughout each day and had attempted to see how the principles taught could be effectively integrated into my everyday tasks and interactions with others. After I’d convinced myself that I had been making an important change in my own Self Development, I also recalled a quote Napoleon Hill stated that seemed to suit my current predicament.

It simply read ‘The kite of success can only fly high against the wind of adversity.’

What I took this to mean is that if I encounter no resistance, I fail to attain any great success, thus knowing that I must face challenging situations, I can better steel myself against self doubt and disempowering thoughts. With this in mind, I’m assured in the knowledge that great sacrifice precedes great reward every time. This is a lesson that I’ll continually need to remind myself of over the remaining days of my journey and beyond.

Hopefully it is a lesson that will see many of you reflecting on your situations and affirming your own self-beliefs in your abilities and potential to succeed. My hope is that we all avoid the ‘Anvil hit’ that can seemingly come out of nowhere and strike some of us down unexpectedly. This can only be accomplished by reflecting on our personal performance on a daily basis, taking stock of what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve yet to accomplish.

If this is too deep for some of you, try as best you can to leave apprehensions at the door because the alternative could very well be too good to ignore. To the rest, I look forward to hearing more of your emails and comments as they serve as encouragement for me as I continue on my own path to Personal Success and becoming the 80-Day Millionaire. As always, I wish you all well on your own Personal Journeys To and Of Success.

  • Makenzie Kelly

    I think what you’re doing here is fabulous! Maybe because I’m a mom and a paramedic I feel a little worried about you not getting enough sleep?? Yet at the same time, a successful entrepreneur before I was 27, I had many sleepless nights. It was a double edged sword. But you definitely need to be rested so that you can focus your attention well!
    Good luck, I’ll be following your blog to see how things go. Oh, and maybe, you need to rest anyway, if you’re sick. Your body is telling you so. But you can listen to your audiotapes in bed, and believe your way to health!
    You will succeed in this journey Josh!

  • Josh

    Hey Makenzie,

    Thanks for the support.

    I love the idea of believing yourself to health. I’ll have to buy a box-load of those tapes!
    I’ll also take a few pages out of the four-hour work week. Empowering stuff!