Day 19: How Many All-Nighters Does It Take To Become A Millionaire?

all-nighter-1I know this entry is coming out late but I assure you that it was well worth the delay in order to get my custom WordPress theme finished. The downside is I feel like my head’s been in a blender and I’m fighting off fatigue at work after pulling yet another of my ‘millionaire-marathons’ again (yeah… I’ll keep working on the name…). Despite this, I’m still glad I managed to get it done when I could’ve easily put it off to finish tonight instead.

Another reason I’m glad I worked through the night is that I now get to cross that little item off of my weekly To-Do List hanging on my office wall. For your information, in my office I have one wall, half of which is covered with blue-tacked A3 sheets of paper. These pieces of paper have my goals as well as my flowchart for my million dollar idea scribbled across them. On another wall I have an A3 sized whiteboard that I write my weekly To-Do List on. On this list, I have a number of small tasks mixed in with other more important tasks, one of which being the design of my WordPress theme. This task seemed to take forever as I had a significant learning curve in teaching myself a little php coding overnight. Thankfully the internet is a thing of beauty and I now have a finished theme ready to upload once I get home from work this evening, after which, I can finally rub off the “Create custom wordpress theme” sentence that’s been laughing at me for the past 9 days. The catch of course, is that it will immediately be replaced with another task for me to work on into the night once again. If I count the number of times I’ve pulled 36 hour days since beginning my 80-Day Millionaire Journey, the total currently stands at 5 times in the past 20 days. A wise move, possibly not but for as long as I have the yearning to do the work, I’m more than willing to put in the effort. It reminds me of the quote by Thomas Edison that ‘Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.’

As for pulling all-nighters to get this stuff done, I’m torn to a degree over how effective it is. It’s a weird feeling to be so psyched up about sitting down to complete a task, that I’ll work on throughout the night, fighting off fatigue and befriending instant coffee in an attempt to meet the deadline I’ve set for myself. I have to admit, my wife is amazing for putting up with my fanatical tendencies to get out of bed and do a task in the middle of the night like she does. Actually, she has told me off a couple of times for being all over the place at times but she does have the best of intentions for me and wants to sse me succeed.

As for the answer to today’s opening question, I’m leaning towards the opinion that it will take as many late nights as it will take until I become a millionaire. After all, if it takes 100 times of pulling all-nighters to finally become a millionaire, how sad would it be to stop at the 99th time. Failure is always the milestone before Success

Another one of my favourite passages from Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is taken from a discussion he had with Thomas Edison. In it, Mr. Edison told Mr. Hill that he had to succeed at inventing the incandescent light bulb simply because he had run out of ways to fail. If he hadn’t succeeded, he would still be in his laboratory working on it as opposed to talking to Napoleon at that time.

I think it’s powerful to note that even though Thomas Edison was a close bedfellow to failure time and time again, he always framed himself with a ‘glass half full’ mentality. Suffice to say that he knew he would invent the bulb through sheer determination and commitment to, of all things, the process of elimination. Not the easiest of paths to choose but certainly a great example of persistence and focus.

With that in mind, I don’t care if I have to work late into the night countless more times in order to accomplish my goals and the simple reason is I refuse to be that person who stops at his 99th try, just one more attempt shy of reaching financial success.

Well that’s it for now, I’ll post another entry later on tonight to share a customer service experience I had yesterday which just floored me when I was dealing with a website company at my work. I think you guys will find it interesting. Oh, and I’ll soon be posting interviews that I’ve had with Internet and Technology Entrepreneurs on my website. These are one-on-one interviews with people who are great movers and shakers within their chosen fields. The objective of providing these interviews is to give you guys the chance to listen to men and women who have gone from humble beginnings to become personal and business successes. This will hopefully be the catalyst for some of you to venture into your own markets or niches and take advantage of opportunity as it makes itself available to you. I also plan to allow question submissions to subscribers so that they can have their own questions answered when I conduct these interviews. Very exciting stuff so make sure you subscribe to my mailing list on the website at so you can receive updates on the latest Entrepreneur to be interviewed. I can’t wait just thinking about it.

Also, I should have my new theme uploaded to the site tonight so feel free to stop by, check it out, critique and comment. I love getting the motivation top-ups that come with each email or direct message I receive. More than that, I’d be interested to hear about how you guys are making changes in your lives to scratch that entrepreneurial itch I know you’ll be feeling right now.

Till next time.