Day 2: The 80-Day Journey, How To Guide

For those of you who are new to the scene, welcome to, my Self-Development and Personal Success Blog. As my blog is still very new, feel free to catch up on what I’ve shared thus far with my other readers by checking my previous posts.

Now, for the rest of you, I’m sure many have been wondering about how exactly I intend to accomplish this challenge of becoming a Millionaire in 80 Days. I also bet you’d love to know what small secret makes me more capable to accomplish such a task then say, you. The answer to both questions is simply yes. But hold on, wait a minute, don’t go clicking off this page just yet, let me explain where I’m going with this.

The first thing I want you to understand is that in reference to the first question of how exactly I intend to become a Millionaire in 80 Days, the answer was always bound to be yes.

You see, all my life I’ve worked under the principle that if you intend to do something as a pre-requisite that you need to find out how to do it. A logical example would be the desire to ride a bike, which would inevitably require the knowledge of how to ride the bike. Now sure, an application like this particular approach is suitable to riding a bike but it has recently occurred to me that the same can not be said when it comes to something like personal success and the all important effort of wealth building. In honesty, I’ve come to accept the fact that by investing so much energy into trying to figure out how to do something, I have, oft times, sold myself at a loss of the energy  I required to motivate and firmly believe in myself actually doing it. Thus, I’ve chosen to subscribe myself to a number of teachings that revolve around the same general concept that the how will always be secondary to the why, and yes, my why is my belief in myself.

Let me give you an example of a recent experience:

Going as far back as my first year of high school, I clearly remember a lack of desire or motivation to commit to a task that didn’t completely interest me. This usually resulted in a final mark or of 60-80%. Now with those kind of results, I certainly wasn’t complaining but the trend has carried on long since I’ve left high school. Truth be told, further study has always taken second place to watching the latest anime episode released out of Japan or the hottest movie  just released at the cinema.

Then, though, the 17th of November came and the game was changed for good. Just by remembering some of the things that I touched on in my first post, my focus changed from being spread out in multiple directions to being singularly aligned in one targeted direction in an effort to attain one powerful goal(of becoming a Millionaire in 80 Days) over the pursuit of multiple lesser goals or even goals of no real worth to begin with.

As a direct result of this change in frame, I can honestly say that my focus when approaching tasks of importance improved by 40- 50%. The idea of course that for the past x number of years I’ve been operating at 30% efficiency was a sore point indeed! Isn’t that crazy though?! To think that all this time, I’d inadvertently put in less than a third of my total effort into everything I did, all the while with the mindset that I was working to the bone, burning the midnight oil and doing everything I could to provide for me and my family.

To tell you the truth, I was dumbstruck for a good day and a half until the idea finally set in. And all because at some point in my life, I’d sabotaged myself into no longer being able to keep the main thing, the main thing. And by main thing, I mean the final project that was due at the end of term, or the progress report that I had to submit to my supervisor, or the animation shots that I had to complete for a fighting scene, or the wife and kids I needed to spend time with on a particular day.

All these things at some time or another, were the main things I needed to invest my time in and each time I was found wanting.

Since then however, I can proudly share with you a better story, one that sees me being more proactive and more focused than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. It is this focus that leads me to share with you and experience I had with my wife a few days after November the 17th.

After repeating to myself over and over again that I could surely accomplish the creation of wealth that I had set three days earlier, I decided that I would cement the promise I made myself by sharing it with my wife. On that note I got up from my desk and walked over to my wife who was cooking in the kitchen. Now she knew already that something was going on because I’d been acting kind of weird for the last few days but she wasn’t at all anxious about it, which made what I proceeded to say all the more interesting.

‘Honey, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to be a millionaire next year and not just by next year, in less than three months!’

She turned to look at me with kind eyes and a somewhat doubtful smile and replied ‘How are you going to do that?’

I then replied ‘I have absolutely no idea but I know it’s going to happen and all I have to do is be ready to receive it’.

She looked even more doubtful but still lovingly supported me in my current frame of mind(though she may have thought that I was nutty at the time) saying ‘Honey, you know things don’t just happen like that.’

My wife had said this because it was all too common in her family to hear someone ‘talk’ about how this idea would make them rich or that investment would bring in the serious cash so I knew where my wife’s hesitancy and skeptism was emanating from. With that, I hugged her and reiterated my belief that it was going to happen, before returning back to my office.

Three days passed by and I was working late on a Sunday morning at about 3 AM. I shut my computer down because I was starting to see dual screens when I only have a single monitor in the office but while lying in bed, my mind felt like it was traveling like a rollercoaster inside my head. It was then that I had the first seed of an idea that caused me to sit back up in my bed, pull myself away from my wife as she snuggled up behind me and rush to write my idea down in my diary before I forgot it.

As I continued to think about my idea, it gradually grew and grew and became bigger and bigger and answers for how I would solve one problem or service another need continued to come to me, causing me to write down what would end up being the first draft of my pitch. In a state of complete excitement (and partial sleep deprivation) I shouted to my wife to come into the office to listen to my pitch for this new idea. Because of the excitement she could hear in my voice she stumbled into the office to slump doen on a chair listening to me read out the draft I had just written.

At the end of doing so, I could appreciate that at 4 AM in the morning she wasn’t in the most conducive state to offer criticism but at the end of it I said one final thing and that was ‘Honey, you asked me how was going to be a millionaire by February next year? Well this is it!’

The beauty of it all is that since the moment that I committed myself to receiving this wealth, I have had no less than four more ideas I fully intend to implement on my journey to become a Millionaire by the 17th of February 2010.

Now obviously, words are cheap to what I intend to do is set up another page that will be a think tank of sorts where I can place all of these ideas in the form of a project pipeline from you execute from concept to completion. Clearly I still need to figure out how to share the information with this you guys but leave it up to me. After all, some my suggestions may spur you guys on to come up with your own(hopefully not at 3 AM in the morning, but it happens!).

On that note, I’d do well to hit the sack as it’s ironically 3 AM again and I am once again seeing dual monitors in my one monitor office. As always though, feel free to do your comments, thoughts and feedback below. See you guys tomorrow!

p.s. I will endeavour to keep all future posts less than 700 words to save you guys the long read! Again, all the best on your Journey to Personal Success and check back tomorrow for Day 3: Empowering the process, strengthening the mind.