Day 23: The Aftermath

After finally cleaning up the house, I’m able to sit down at my desk and reflect at where the day’s gone. It’s 11:35PM and to be honest with you guys, I’m a little worse for wear. I’m trying to focus on everything I have to do tonight yet all I can think about is hitting the shower and then following that up with a nice introduction to my pillow. I’m really going to have to change things up if I ever expect to actually get things done. Pretty gutted to know that another day has gone with little to no progress to show for it.

One thing I’ve found intolerable as of late is either going to bed or waking up with the knowledge that I’ve left something unfinished. What gets me even angrier is knowing that no matter what, I’m far too tired to keep my eyes open and maintain the vague appearance of focus even as I type! I honestly can’t stand it!

When I look back on the day, I’ll admit that it was well spent. I was able to spend it with my youngest eye-twinkler, Alyssa, while the other two ladies of the house went swimming at a relative’s house. The problem, I guess, was the fact that the bombshell that is my home, took about 2 hours to tidy up once Payton finally went down at 9pm (from now on, I’m putting them down at 7pm!(yeah right …)).


I guess one consolation from the day is the fact that I was able to work on a windows app I plan to release in another fortnight which, yes, is one of the three prongs I mentioned yesterday. Although it was only for 40 minutes while I watched Alyssa, it actually led me to think of a couple other ideas.

I also put the wheels in motion for creating some member-only pages which I hope to finish off tomorrow.

However, the highlight would have to be, oddly enough, the cleaning up this evening. Contradictory to what I wrote before right? Well, to tell the truth, I actually can’t stand cleaning up. It can sometimes be downright unbearable. I don’t put it down to laziness so much as mind-numbing boredom (which I accrue to the ‘Me want now!’ part of my brain).

My solution to this problem was to have a small arsenal of audiobooks at the ready. Tonight’s flavor was Seth Godin’s Audiobook version of All Marketers Are Liars. This was right off the back of me finishing his book of the same name last night. The good thing is it was great to hear some of the same points recapped via a different sense (sound). With this new approach to cleaning the house each night, I tend to always look forward to listening to an audiobook (sometimes even the same one over again) that will be of direct benefit to me somewhere down the track. In saying that of course, I would still like to have more ‘working’ time too while keeping the ‘self-study’ time.

Yet another thing to write down tonight on my list of things to do tomorrow. That is another thing I’ve taken to doing in the last week. Before hand, I would create a To-Do List of things to do within the given day but hopefully by making the To-Do List the night before, I’ll be more disciplined and become more competent at planning days, weeks and even months ahead. Only time will tell I guess.

If you guys have tips that have served you well in orgainising yourselves and being more focused when tackling your own To Do Lists, feel free to share. Hopefully it’ll see us all becoming more effective in our personal and professional lives, which can only be a good thing, right!