Day 24: If I could only shake this flu!!!

As you’ll be able to deduce from the title, I’m still stuck with this damn flu that just won’t go away. As the hours (yes, I am literally counting the lost hours!) go by, I’m (once again) appreciating how no amount of antibiotics can account for common sense <groan>. It’s like the big guy who doesn’t give two hoots about being 20kgs overweight until he’s 50 and gets told he’ll die if he doesn’t lose it within 6 months. This is one lesson I’ve yet to learn from. Some people may be thinking, ‘Yeah, well I could’ve told you that buddy. Doesn’t take a genius to know that working late into the night is bound to wear you down!’ And I can admit that. If however, I were to do it again, I’d make allowances for adequate rest as opposed to powering through, with the girls at Starbucks and my favorite cup of jo at the ready each morning (thanks K Road Starbucks). Coffee is good, sleep is better!

With that, I’m leaving this post short to note that I’ll be getting some more much needed rest in an attempt to shake off this flu well and truly. Then I can get back to programming without blowing my nose every two minutes or coughing out my lungs every one. Not wanting to leave you guys with nothing in return for reading, I thought many of you might get a kick out of this Top 10 Youngest Internet Millionaires List.