Day 25: R&R and Alyssa..

When your body (and your wife) tells you how you need to get rest instead of working late into the night, you’d think that five years of marriage would teach a guy to listen. Old habits die hard… But in saying that, that is exactly what happened yesterday instead of putting some time aside to post or work on my second website. One friendly voice politely hinted to the fact that I was a day behind in my posts so as penance, I’m here to account.

Truth be told, the majority of yesterday was atrocious. After getting caught up on the layout of my second website, I lost three or so hours on defining membership roles and then testing them against the newly created SQL Database to make sure that it actually worked. It didn’t. I then spent another 50 minutes searching through the notes I had made at college (school assignments are so much more easy than personal ones..) but it was to no avail. At the end of working (I use that term loosely) from 1:30-5-30, it was Daddy time with my little girl Alyssa, waking up and needing some quality time until mom got up a little after midday. It wasn’t until later on in the day, I found out why she was getting very upset and was proving difficult to put down. My little Angel, AlyssaTurns out she had an ear infection and required some TLC for most of the day. To the right is a photo of her looking happy despite an ear ache which will have her crying in pain when she’s lying down on her back. It was looking after her and trying to look after myself which took the majority of my time and resulted in me running out of time to do anything more on my project. The only thing I could do to optimise my time while watching over my girls (my 18 month old daughter, Payton was up by 8AM) was to listen to my The Tipping Point audio book by Malcolm Gladwell. To say it was a good idea is an understatement.

One thing I’ll say about audiobooks is they are worth their weight in gold. Before I began my 80-Day Journey, I was prepared to get every single book I’d heard mentioned by Bill Bartmann, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen and so many others. All so I could know what they knew. I’d never actually considered how to get through all of them as well as apply what I’d learned to my own ideas. An alternative lay in learning to speed-read but the immediate-elixir was getting the audiobook (obvious to most, I know, but work with me, I’m still a  tiny caterpillar in this big garden of a game) instead. Because of these audiobooks, I’ve been able to spend every possible moment (my wife will attest to this) listening to the greats, including but not limited to, Brian Tracey, Napoleon Hill, Mike Litman, Mark Victor Hansen, Malcolm Gladwell and many more, hearing titles like Blue Ocean Strategy or The 4-Hour Work-Week. Now, I’ve provided links to these audio recordings and books where possible but let it be known right from the start that I’m not saying to buy every single one before starting on your own entrepreneurial paths, I’m just pointing out that this is what helps me keep focused on my promise and motivated to do things when I normally wouldn’t.

One thing I’ve learned from these audiobooks, for example, is to pause (as much as Josh-ly possible) before responding to ANY situation. Not just making money but also how I do things in the home, what I say to people and, more importantly, what I don’t. To be honest with you, I’m finding the challenge difficult at times but rewarding in the knowledge that I need only say what amounts to the tip of an iceberg when it comes to certain matters. Funny that I should find it challenging to say less (maybe not if you actually know me.. : )).

The benefits, obviously, spread further than simple self-control. There is a wealth of knowledge that covers things from effective business communication, analysing market trends, understanding product launches, telling compelling stories and the list really does go on. But the real benefit for many an aspiring entrepreneur, is the odd sense of camaraderie your able to draw from after reading about how others overcame their own challenges. Reading about people like Ford or Edison in their darkest times has been the difference between me allowing an event to overwhelm me and choosing to have it teach me. I think a good outro for this post is a lesson I learned from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It’s a favorite quote of mine and I hope it will serve you all as well as it has served me.

Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember: A kite rises against the wind rather than with it.”