Day 252: Could This Be The Event-Turner I’ve Been Waiting For?…

Crazy, full-on and all-out. Now that I’ve gotten my financial stability out of the way, I’d like to address a little tool with massive application in my own little journey. It is in fact, a tool I’d used some time ago though had failed to purchase with the arrival of my third child requiring my full attention. It wasn’t until I read another blogger’s review of the product, that I had to drop everything and take action immediately!

…I had to drop everything and take action immediately!

The little ace-up-my-sleeve I’m referring to is Market Samurai. It came to my attention in late December when a friend of mine recommended it and I had the great pleasure of trying it out for an entire week. Suffice to say, it made market research and analysis a hundred times easier compared to my previous solution of going from one free service to another in a process that was the polar opposite of streamlined. Sure it was free but it was also time-consuming, cumbersome and unintuitive. Having Market Samurai collate all the information I required and export it easily into a workable excel document was the icing on the cake for me as I had a number of clients who requested market research and this software made the collection process a pleasure.

Of course, even after being recommended, I still wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a superior product on the shelves and have yet to find one, even to this day, that does everything Market Samurai can do. Thankfully there’s a 7-day trial available for all the nay-sayer-ers out there, which, at the time, certainly gave me the kick in the pants I needed to try it out. And now that I’m finally able to get back into the pattern of things I could think of no better way to signal my renewed pursuit of excellence than to get the tool I know will help me get there.

With this little puppy,  I can begin my research into a couple other niches and ideas my wife and I had been talking about over the past few months. I’ll be able to collect data I need to make the right call on which ideas we decide to go ahead with. I’m actually kinda looking forward to doing some joint-ventures with my wife once I get a few successful ones under my belt to begin with.

So for all those looking for a tool that undoubtedly works, give Market Samurai a go TODAY!

…and let the games begin, mwahaha…

Try Market Samurai now for free!

  • Katalina

    I found this quite interesting, have requested some free stuff hehe..I don’t think I know anyone else from school that has their own website, your doing awesome :) to put yourself out there, I think it’s great! Well that’s what I wanted to comment bout hehe, read your article, and now will be trying out Market Samurai :) Thanks for that intriguing reading.

    • Josh

      Thanks Kat,

      I can’t speak highly enough of Market Samurai. Been using it since January and it has never failed me yet. I think its a case of having to use all the other less-effective software, only to be relieved to finally find one that works. I’ll keep you posted, especially after checking out your own website. Keep it up Kat! (you’ll have to tell me later on, exactly what “up” involves:))