Day 26: Getting Caught Up In The Noise..

I read something interesting from a friend of mine, Mackenzie, at Adventurous Mom which basically summed up how we need to cut the fat when setting out and pursuing our goals, the fat, or noise as she put it, was answering the emails, checking our facebook walls and anything else that didn’t bring us closer to our goals. After reading it, I thought to myself, ‘Well, I have been getting caught up on responding to my twitter page and posting on my facebook wall more than necessary…how bout I focus on checking on my updates two times in the day at most.’ The score looks like this:

Planned Update Checks:  2

Actual Update Checks:     12

Plan to optimise time:  FAIL (oh, and I’m not even going to mention the amount of time I spent doing so)

After doing this I couldn’t help but think, ‘What. The. F*@$!’ So much time spent doing stuff that had very little relevance to my end goal. It was time to sit down outside with my handy-dandy notebook (what can I say, my daughter loves Blue!) and think, think, think. Once I got the Blues Clues theme song out of my head I redrew my million dollar plan. Where possible, I allocated respective amounts of time  to developing the applications I plan to launch, planning the launch of each, planning the (incredibly optimistic) exit strategy for each and then finally, marketing my projects online and off. Once I realised I’d been commiting too much time to promoting my personal site ( I kinda always knew this at the back of my head) I decided to get my ass back into gear by systematising the daily promotional process for my blog and using the fantastic Microsoft Projects App that I had installed on my computer.

Sounds like a great way to close an entry but no sooner had I done this, the fan on my computer broke down and I had to quickly back the odd-terabyte of data on my PC to my external hard drive before it completely overheated. Fortunately for me, I had a backup Compaq that I was able to use just for these situations (I am at least partially effective at planning). After wiping it of all the useless plug-n-play utilities that were installed by default, I was back in the game. As if God were playing some cruel game though, my wife came in and mentioned that her Granddad was expecting me to sing something at their New Years Eve party (thats the party in less than two nights). I was sobbing inside as I pictured a grandfather clock’s hands speeding forward into time leaving me with none. In frustration, I fell into a selfish spell of being mad at everything and everyone else OTHER THAN me. In retrospect, I’m proud to say that it wasn’t too long that I snapped out my bubble and chose to flip the experience, as Jim Rohn said, turning frustration into fascination. I accounted for my own shortcomings as best I could and decided I was better off reflecting on the costly lesson I’d learned (losing a few hours of productivity) and drawing up a better plan to solve the issue if it should arise tomorrow.

On that note, I decided to put some time into thinking about what I could sing at the New Years Eve Party. For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve always been able to hold a note but the main reason I was asked is because I wrote a song for my wife, which I sung on our wedding day. In a moment of nostalgia, I tracked it down and you guys can check it out in all it’s low-res glory. Normally I wouldn’t self-promote but hey, this is Josh 2010, new and improved, your listening to here and I believe I need to be a little easier on myself going forward (celebrating little successes and all that)!

I messed around with a couple chords and got the idea to write a song for my two little girls before it dawned on me that they wouldn’t be around at mid-night and would instead be tucked nice and snug in bed at my parents place. With this in mind, I continued to throw a few chords around (the same chords in different order, mwahaha!) and began to hash something out of it slowly. I figured it was better to leave it for the night as I was a bit tired but wanted to post this ‘update’ (I use the term loosely again) so that everyone could flip back a couple chapters to get back onto the page I was still slightly stuck on. I’m certain the remaining week will be well spent and in closing, as we move into 2010 I wish everyone a very Safe and Happy New Year.

May we all be better than our past selves as we pursue our own Journeys of Self Development and Personal Success(I wish us well!).