Day 27: 2009 In Retrospect

2009 has been interesting. I’ve just come back from a New Years gathering at my in-laws where I was able to open up an envelope containing the goals I set at the beginning of the year. Tell you the truth, I’d completely forgotten about them. They are listed below:

Goals For 2009

1. Run a successful business

2. Become a better husband and father

3. Train to enter a bodybuilding competition in 2009/2010

The reality of the situation is as follows:

1. I currently have a LLC (Limited Liability Company) which I’ve used as a contracting tool for tax purposes. It is not an independent entity that runs by itself though exists to become one once I get my A into G.

2. As my little girls are too little to fill out feedback forms, I took my wife’s feedback for both. She feels that my spending more time at home warrants the title of “becoming a better father” and that I have improved to also become a better husband. Sweet!

3. To date, I have done no training in the pursuit of competing in a bodybuilding competition. I was going to say that lack of finances was the reason but the truth is lack of discipline was the reason. Plain and simple.

To summarise, I’ve achieved one of the three goals I had set with another being partially started but not completed. In all honesty, I was intrigued to see what I’d written down as I couldn’t remember and am ‘fascinated’ at what I didn’t achieve. The great thing was to know, on self-reflection and from feedback I received from my wife, that I had improved as a dad and a husband.

What this little journey in Self Development and Personal Success has taught (and continues to teach ) me is that I need to think before I act but in a much deeper sense then we are all used to hearing. I’m not talking about the common parental advice we’re taught as children, I’m talking about a more proactive way of acting with intent and moving with a purpose. One of the greatest examples are martial arts which train the user in never wasting power and effort. Always striking directly (I believe this may be a main ethos of Karate) as opposed to taking a slower, less powerful approach. This is one technique I hope to develop (not Karate. Yet.) over 2010 and as evidence, I created 20 goals to aim for this year. Now, I may be slightly absent-minded because of the early hour and I may also be breaking some ethereal taboo by listing them here for all to see but screw it!

My Goals for 2010:


1. Be an effective and supportive Husband

2. Show my children how to communicate effectively

3. Set aside time to play with my kids each night I am home

4. Commit time to tracing my geneology

5. Take the family on a vacation to Italy (my wife has been bugging me for a holiday before baby #3)


1. Look at every situation as “fascinating

2. Competently apply the 80/20 rule to my daily life

3. Become a confident and effective communicator

4. Effectively prioritize my life

5. Continue to live free of addiction by using the principles learned in uplifting and empowering material and through a positive mindset


1. Become a millionaire

2. Run three successful companies that generate a combined income of more than a million dollars per year

3. Work a twenty hour week

4. Meet face-to-face and shake hands with my imaginary 80-Day Mastermind Group (Ryan Lee, David Frey, Mark Victor Hansen, Mark Joyner, Mark Zuckerburger, Seth Godin, Joe Sugarman, James Cameron and Timothy Ferris)

5. Develop and become known for my networking skills


1. Compete in a 2010 Regional Bodybuilding Competition

2. Resume Tae Kwon Do training

3. Resume Ninjutsu training

4. Learn how to breakdance

5. Be strong enough to do vertical chin-ups

Mwahaha! Let the games begin!

Oh, and I wish each of you well on your…forget that, Happy New Year already!

Bring on 2010 as we all shake away our doubts and hesitancies like an afro in a moshpit!

To Self Development and Personal Success (had to slip it in) in 2010!