Day 283: Tony put it best when he said..

tony-1…those timeless words, “..Something’s coming, I dunno, what it is, but I know, it’s gonna be great…” and he was right.

It’s the static tingle you feel on the back of your neck when you know an event is just over the horizon and it’s getting closer with every instant.

It’s also, sometimes, the tingly feeling when you’ve just been zapped by a force similar to a cow prod, located conveniently near your derrière. I was witness to the latter.

I’d been sitting in my car listening to Richard Koch’s The 80/20 Principle when, after listening to 100th example of how a person could achieve more with less, I finally took action on addressing a little problem in my business that had been causing me more than a little stress and that was getting a particular theme for the handful of WordPress sites I now own. This thorn in my side was none other than the Theme above, Thesis Theme.

I’d explain what it is and how it works but the site itself explains everything pretty accurately. Honestly, the amount of time I wasted debating over whether I should invest the money in it or not was ridiculous. I can guarantee the ‘investment’ I made in wasted brain time was more like a loss and I’m surprised my mind didn’t get up and leave, disgruntled at the working conditions.

Suffice to say, I addressed one of the things that was causing a great number of headaches for me and tomorrow may require I attack another troublemaker…TAX RETURNS! <gulp>

Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

  • Alex Work


    I love that quote. That feeling is better than goosebumps, almost better than any other feeling.

    Knowing that you are on the cusp of doing something amazing or truly life-changing is almost as good a feeling as actually doing it!

    Alex Work

    • Josh

      Hi Alex,

      Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s actually had me reflecting on the many other massive changes I could make that would require disproportionately less of an effort than you would expect. The biggest thing I’m seeking to do (in between being a loving father of three(all under three), a proactive and supportive husband and productive individual) is picking and choosing the most effective use of my time so that I can enjoy the feeling of anticipation you mentioned.

      On a side note, I took the liberty of perusing through your site and I’ll have to set an optimum time to dig deeper! :)
      Thanks for the comment!

      – Josh