Day 3: Empowering the Process, Strengthening the Mind

A little late but here is the blog entry for Day 3: Empowering the Process, Strengthening the Mind. Sorry for the delay but let’s get stuck into the good stuff.

First of all, to everyone who’s taken the time to read and follow along with my blog, I thank you. My hope is that by creating the 80 Day Millionaire Blog, I’ll not only hold myself accountable to my own Promise of Success but others will be able to see the process and how they can apply similar techniques in their own inevitable Stories of Success.

After the last three days of epic blog entries, I figured it best to keep this post short and sharp by focusing on the powerful tools I apply in my life. I call these my Weapons of Wealth Construction.What do you think?…a work in progress maybe..but I digress.

Back to the topic at hand..

To say that I was a chronic procrastinator would be an understatement. If there was a VIP list of chronic procrastinators I’d surely be a runner-up. Now not saying I was extreme, but the way I approached things was very debilitating and only served to enable my other weaknesses, whether they be poor time management, a lack of crucial conversational skills and a scattered-ness that only served to stifle my efforts to make a positive change in my life.

Of course, by now you should all know about the first tool I’ve used to weaken or completely eliminate triggers that would cause me to work and think ineffectively. That tool of course, is my daily Mantra. For those of you who haven’t read about this tool, feel free to check out my previous post, Day 2: The 80-Day Journey, How To Guide. I recite my Mantra at least twice a day, once in the morning, once at night. I sincerely recommend that anyone who is committed to making a positive change in their life, and recognises certain triggers that are preventing this change, take 5 minutes to sit down and acknowledge those triggers or weaknesses on paper. You then take another piece of paper, and write affirmation statements of empowerment to counter those triggers or weaknesses(A more thorough explanation is available in Day 2: The 80-Day Journey, How To Guide). For example, if you recognise yourself as being unconfident or slightly introverted when interacting with other people, a good simple statement might be to simply write “I possess confidence” and repeat it three times each time you recite your Mantra. Now I say three times because that’s the amount of times you need to hear something before your subconscious mind finally receives it. Let me explain this concept further.

Think of your subconscious mind as having a spam filter that blocks all unnecessary communication. Now this filter is special in that it will validate any communication that is repeated three or more times. It’s for that reason that many marketing experts believe the number of times required to move a consumer from a prospect to a customer is by sending between 9 and 27 marketing messages.

So if you turn it around on yourself, imagine how many times in any single day you’ll remind yourself how ineffective you are, unproductive you are, too fat, too thin, too slow, all of these messages repeated in your mind over and over and over again! Is there any wonder why you’ve been performing at less than your full potential? Clearly after hearing these messages time and time again, the solution lies in bombarding our subconscious mind with positive affirmations that encourage, edify and uplift your state of mind. This is where your Mantra comes in to play.

Now looking at this post, it’s clear to see that I’ve gone off on a tangent(which I tend to do when I’m excited about sharing something new) so as opposed to explaining the next tool that I use to stay focused and driven towards my goal, I think it best to end this post with this summary. The negative messages within your mind are many and great at this very moment. So many people wonder why do I put myself down or why do I say this or why do I say that. The answer is negative messaging. The solution to this problem is your Mantra. By creating a Mantra that positively affirms who you want to be in present tense(that’s the important key), you will see a huge improvement over time and the way you first and foremost interact with yourself and then, with everyone else. Always keep in mind that change starts from the inside out, not the outside in.

Hopefully this post has gone some way to clarify the reasons why I believe a Mantra is highly effective and will in fact make the difference between you accomplishing your goals and falling just short. If, however, you’re unsure of anything feel free to post a comment and I will endeavour to answer your questions or clarify my explanations where necessary.

Just remember, your Mantra will become your most powerful weapon in your pursuit of Personal Success and Self-Development. If you wish to find out what my second tool or weapon of success is, check back for my next post, Day 4: Your Thinkubator.

Once again, thank you for following along on my 80-Day Journey to becoming a Millionaire. I’ll do my best to show you the power of Self Development and Personal Success when applied correctly and as always I wish you well on your Journey To and Of Success.