Day 30: The Wrap

After the monster of an entry I posted yesterday, I’ve decided to keep this one short and sharp. To sum up this week has consisted of Rest, Reflection and Reaffirmation.

Unfortunately, one other ‘R’ word I was hoping for was Response. I’m referring to the number of entrepreneurs I approached for a book recommendation, advice and maybe even an interview, a week prior to Christmas. To date, I’ve had two confirmations from successful entrepreneurs in New Zealand but anxiously wait for the responses from the other three international entrepreneurs I emailed.

Another ‘R’ word which has eluded me is R&D (I know, it’s really three words but stay with me). What I’m referring to is the couple hiccups I encountered when working on my main Web App. I would’ve liked to spend hours upon hours on resolving the technical issues I encountered but I’m happy to put it at the top of my list this week, considering the awesome time I had with my family these past two weeks!

All in all, I’m eagerly anticipating all the new things that are set to happen this week. I plan to revamp the website of my 3-D animation company and even extend the services to include Web Design, Web Application Development and Windows Forms Application Development. I also hope to complete at least 75% of two of my three beta sites and set up the Thinkubator Page for everyone to track my progress. Lastly, I’m extremely amped to be meeting with two entrepreneurs who will undoubtedly have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with me. On the days leading up to the meetings, I’ll probably have to ”empty my cup” so that I’m able to grow in entrepreneurial girth through osmosis (I can hope can’t I?!). I’ll also invest some cash in a dictaphone as well because what better time could I ask for a one-on-one interview, which I could then share with you!

Speaking of share, be sure to check back as my next post should be a good source of motivation for many considering its titled, “Top 10 Fastest Internet Millionaires”.

I hope you guys enjoy it and that it’ll be the air you need to let those entrepreneurial thought bubbles rise as high as possible. I, personally, thought it was great to learn about the broad range of services created by each person. It really is incredible inspiration for anyone with an unconventional idea, after all, has anyone heard of Cirque du Soleil?

Well, this week’s been great, next week should be better as 2010 brings more excitement and adventure than you can poke a stick at. All I need to do is continues to invest in my own Self Development because I know Personal Success is only a stone’s throw away with each passing day.

Thank you for sharing in my 80-Day Journey with me, I really do appreciate it.