Day 309: Eating A Baconator Burger At A Bodybuilding Championship…Oh My!

Yes, you read it right, I wasn’t holding back either!

Not one of these perfect specimens of the human form could put a hand on me for fear of catching the burger-bug themselves. I’m sure some of them would’ve felt unsettled in all their bronze-bodied-brilliance but I assure you, it phased me none.

Not even as I stood directly in front of the main sponsors display stand, did I allow myself to be deterred from eating a hastily purchased meal in my speedy(yet legal) sojourn to get to the event. Now, obviously I can’t take full credit as, at times, when the chips were down (pun intended), there were moments where I could have sheathed my burger wrapper back into my jumper pocket but I found solace in the comfort of my trusty large Lime Frosty Shake, cherry on top to boot!

But all joking aside, the moment I walked in, I was both impressed and uncomfortable at the same time. Impressed to see the bodies of men and women alike, trained and tamed into being fitter, stronger and more conditioned than some of us could ever believe but uncomfortable in seeing the range of results, some looking full and conditioned to a point many would find appealing, others so vascular and painted, they would rival an oscar trophy. One other odd effect was me getting a sore stomach from seeing all these competitors tense their stomachs to show their abs! Like a bizarre game of Simon Sez, I was tensing my one-pack every time a contestant would for 8 or 9 contestants before I came to my senses. Note: DO NOT MIX AB TENSING WITH FROSTY SHAKE!

Like a bizarre game of Simon Sez, I was tensing my one-pack…

Despite this initial awkwardness and hesitancy, few could argue that the results of such intensive training were impossible to dispute. To think that these people (many of whom were competing in the NABBA New Zealand Championship in their first year of competition) could commit themselves to working hard enough to stand proudly in front of their peers, is an inspiration in itself.

The opportunity to pay tribute to them and their efforts made the $25 entry fee a mere pittance compared to the potential motivation and encouragement one (not unlike myself) could stand to gain.

Suffice to say that as the night went on, each individual had their time to shine in the form of a brief 1-2 minute floor routine. The winners were announced while the contenders cheered and applauded in support. I’m not sure why other people were clapping but I was paying tribute to every person who walked on, in acknowledgement of doing just that, walking on.

As I continued to watch competitor-after-competitor take to the stage, my mind wandered to the fact that at times in my own life, I shy away from the stage. Now, I don’t mean a literal stage but the idea of a stage when it comes to putting myself out there or, more specifically, putting myself out there in the appropriate and correctly responsive manner.

I’m quite adamant many of us are culprits of the same sin, shying away from an opportunity to grow, stand and be counted. Comes as no surprise that if one were to truly account for their actions, they’d subsequently realize that they were unnecessary and largely against our belief system of who we saw ourselves as or who we sought to become.

What I’m gradually beginning to understand is the importance of being true to yourself as well as to others. Acting with integrity and doing for the love of doing. An example is when I was speaking to a family relative of my wife, a few weeks back. The conversation showed me how my attempt to find commonalities to discuss, was rendered near obsolete. It also served to show that there are so many things we tend to do, with the incorrect notion that it is entertainment, never realizing that we pay a greater price in the long term.

This relative was a few years younger than me and had been training in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. He lived to get in the ring and cut loose and followed many fighters in the international circuit closely. We spoke about the few I knew and I segued to the topic of a few movies that also stared some MMA fighters. His reaction to a movie I thought was well done, was surprisingly the opposite. In fact, his words were “Man, I thought it was boring. I kept on waiting for something awesome to happen but it was making me fall asleep.”

Not to be deterred(because the smallest progress is still progress), I began mentioning other related movies to which he replied, “All I do is train, I actually haven’t watched any TV, with the exception of that one movie, for the last 10 months.” Now, don’t get confused, I’m not a film buff but that was the end of that conversation. Now, thankfully, we’re both interested in martial arts so this led onto another topic but the lesson I learned was an important one and not one initially obvious.

I approached the conversation from I point I thought was a place of commonality. Once I realized it wasn’t, it took a short while to discover that this very point wasn’t that much of a commonality for me either. I mean, sure, I like a movie or two, but in the weeks previous it had become a habit to look for new movies to watch with my wife. In truth, this was taking away time that could be spent communicating with my wife, trying out new hobbies or even training more when possible.

…I was doing something I didn’t “LOVE”

I came to the understanding that I was doing something I didn’t “LOVE” and wasn’t my passion (watching a movie in silence with my wife, far too often) instead of savoring the commodity I was sacrificing, time with my wife. This also applies to Television and Computer time too so going forward, I intend to use this time sparingly so I can “Do for the love of doing and Say for the love of saying.”

Nice hook if I do say so myself. After all, in the grand scheme of things, if I was to die tomorrow, I’d do anything BUT sit in still silence for several hours.

  • aishai bates

    Hey josh I dont think we ever met but I do remember you from school and just wanna say I really enjoyed this blog of yours. Actually funny to say the thing that caught my eye was the baconator as Im a staunch wendys fan to say the least! But I will be keeping and eye on you, mr future millionaire from rewa.

    • Josh

      Hey Aishai,

      If I recall correctly, you know Lawrence Bates and were in the Cook Island group at school…? In any event, I get what you mean about being a staunch Wendys supporter. In truth though, after the last week of healthier eating, the Baconator lost a great deal of appeal once I got half-way through. Felt like I needed to zone out just to finish it. Go figure. But hey, it’s great to see all the people from Rewa getting out there, especially all you sugarmums : )