Day 31: A Long Sleep To Herald In The New Me

Sure it’s Tuesday now but man did I need the extra shut-eye!

As well as that, with me starting back at work, I decided to use this as the first day of me enjoying my new lifestyle, which includes enjoying time out for my own training once again and spending time with my girls, while creating a million dollar business.

All Rights ReservedThe run I had this morning at 4am was so envigorating. I got my audiobook fix by listening to an audiobook by Zig, Rohn and Tracy titled ‘Ultimate Sales Success’, which I downloaded from yesterday. Thing is, it was such an incredible hassle to get the audiobook onto my N97 (which is awesome!) because they use their own proprietary system as a way to fight piracy. All it warded off for me, was the desire to remain with them.

Consider this.

I find an audiobook I’m interested in. I proceed to ‘purchase’ it (I use this loosely as Audible allows trial members one free download on a 14 week trial) and proceed to download the 12 hours (awesome right!) of audio to my desktop. Then, ‘Uh Oh!’ (as my daughter would say) I find only two files, one four hours long, the other, seven hours long. No chapters, no seperate mp3 files nothing. I then find out that Audible doesn’t support the N97 (a monumental “Tsk!”) and that the other versions don’t recognise my phone when connected to my pc. Disgruntled and fed up, I canceled my trial (it was my “try”-resulting in me feeling “ill”) and proceeded to burn my then-inaudible Audible file to CD, ripping it back on my computer as nice mp3 files for me to listen to on my 5 km run this morning.


Audible New Member Trial: Epic Fail

Josh Listening To Zig And The Crew: Epic Consolation Win

What I find ‘fascinating’ is that people who use Audible have to battle with the same challenges if they have other non-branded mp3 players or unsupported media like I did. Another thing is my workaround resulted in my creating a 13 Disc set, which is awesome I guess, but is still 13 discs. Hey, I’m not complaining, I mean I got this on a trial and it was worth every credit so to make use of them, I put them all in my car to listen to when we went to Dinner last night. The look on my wife’s face at the prospect of listening to 12 hours of sales talk was fantastic. Never have I gotten more fun out of not being able to plug an earphone in my ear while I drive.

Hence, the lesson of the day is, “There is a Silver Lining in all things, especially when it involves your wife having to listen to 12 hours of Zig Ziglar in the car with you!”