Day 32: First Day: Failed "New Me Plan"

Well it’s 1:48AM and I have officially failed at my new me schedule.

I was supposed to have things wrapped up nicely by midnight at least, to give me some six hours sleep, alas, it was not to be…Seems old habits die hard. I do, however, have another chance to try it again tomorrow. The good thing is that I’m better than Iwas yesterday by simply doing my training this morning and optimizing my work habits today by at least 10%. I strongly recommend everyone check out Tim Ferrell’s Four-Hour Workweek it has some fantastic (and irreverent) information for those looking to free themselves from the 40hour work week and whittle it down to…well, you get the point. It is really a great read though.

I also spent a fair amount of time writing to the four people who were instrumental in me starting off on this little walk-about. I sent letters to Ryan Lee, Mike Litman, Mark Victor Hanson and Mark Joyner. In them I conveyed my thanks and appreciation for the way I was effected by the speeches they delivered at a Summit I recently saw and explained how they had made a profound impact on me. At the end of it, I asked if they would be willing to have a 30 minute interview on internet entrepreneurship, values and overcoming adversity. I am going to be proactive and continue to search out any and all Internet Entrepreneurs and actually like the idea of creating an “Entrepreneur In Action” section where I can interview other Entrepreneurs who are in the process of becoming successful not dissimilar to me. I’d like your thoughts on it and whether it’d be valuable to you guys. I personally, am completely ready to act as a sponge!

..but for now, this sponge is off to bed so he can work on his Self Development and Personal Success tomorrow morning.