Day 33: Making The Main Thing The Main Thing

girlsPictureCollage_01After putting off getting a decent sleep the last month or so, I had a catch up on a lot of shuteye the majority of this afternoon and evening. I also dabbled a little bit with a splash page for my big project and should have that uploaded by tomorrow for all to see. At this point it may only contain an opt-in box for visitors to fill in for the purpose of receiving updates on the site as well as mini-missions centred around the theme of the site. It will also have a counter on it to indicate the launch date of the entire website/network (hint!).

As I made an attempt to spend most of the afternoon resting, I took the opportunity to check out some entrepreneur-based resource material on the net. One such piece of material was a blog entry posted by Om Malik titled The Essential Startup Reader: 10 Lessons in Entrepreneurship. In it he highlights 10 lessons relevant to anyone who considers himself an entrepreneur or is actively considering creating a start-up. In all honesty, I’ve only made it through the first three of the 10 lessons but that in itself tells me that the post is priceless. Lesson number nine even features a PowerPoint presentation showing social traction as it applies to social media conversion by big companies like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the like.

Its my intention to, at the very least, upload my site in another 12-18 hours and then get onto revamping my company website.

On a side note, I’d just like to acknowledge everyone who’s been so encouraging and supportive through my Facebook Fan Page. Thanks to everyone it’s now easier for people to visit the page and get instant updates in real time. If you’d like to follow along or know someone who might be interested in checking it out from their own Facebook profile, just pass them this address when you talk to them:

Don’t hesitate to check me out on my Twitter page too, it’s :

Some of you might of gotten wind that I’m writing a song for my girls.

The purpose was originally born out of me needing to entertain them earlier this morning while playing in the lounge. My wife wasn’t feeling too well so I stayed home today to help out and as they both loved music, the natural thing to do was to make up some silly song to entertain them. The more I thought about my two angels as Alyssa bounced up and down in her jolly jumper and Payton ran circles around her, the more I started thinking about the main reasons I was doing this 80-Day Millionaire Journey of mine.

I also recalled one of the main motivations Mark Victor Hanson had mentioned for accomplishing any incredible task and that was to take to it as if your child’s life depended on it. So as I was throwing around 10 of the only chords I know how to play on the guitar, truth be told, I did get a little caught up thinking about the possibility (no tears though of course. I’m not 10 years old and my cap was naturally hanging over my head and not conveniently tilted when Mufasa died). Heaven forbid any parent should have to go through such a traumatic experience, but that’s why I have family medical insurance through Tow…just kidding. But that is why I have medical insurance. But let’s say that million dollars was to pay the something else unrelated to medical expenses (be imaginative here). It would take little stretch of the imagination for us to think of fantastic things that we would do in order to protect our loved ones. As I thought of the possibilities, this is what I began to see as being the premise of my song. Undoubtedly getting ahead of myself, I began to see the song is an Anthem to my belief and determination to ethically do whatever it takes to gain and implement the life skills necessary to create a safer and smarter environment for my children. A side project, sure, but one I’m very passionate about just from the offset.

payton_01With that in mind, I’m wrapping this post up with a message of encouragement to all that I picked up from a man by the name of David Freys. It basically states that if you keep the main thing the main thing, then everything else will fall into place. His and my main thing is our families and as I’ve learnt from the last two weeks, I can only do so much within a day but so long as my motives are true and I adopt the mindset of giving in order to receive, I know it’ll all work out in the end. On that note, if anyone has any questions to do with anything that I talk about, things that you see me doing, stuff you’d like to know more about, I’m only too happy to help because in the end, it’ll all work its way back to me in the end. That, my friends, is the Law of Reciprocity and it works.

I think I’m closer to the mindset I need than I was at the beginning of the day so I’m happy and as always I wish everyone well and your own Personal Journeys To and Of Success.

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