Day 34: Project: Earthbandage, mockup complete!

splashPageMockUpAltSm_01Well, 4 hours and no sleep mean that I’m a tired but satisfied guy. I’d tried to finish the live splash page but the page CSS just wasn’t feeling me at 3AM in the morning. I’ve taken the liberty of posting a thumbnail so you can all see what it’ll look like once it’s live tonight. I’ll also be [finally] opening up the Thinkubator section that I created a while back. For those who are unaware, the Thinkubator is a page I created with the intention of placing an idea in there to bounce around and hopefully mature into a better idea. I haven’t added any projects to date because I saw little value in posting pictures and mysterious insinuations that allude to the project premise. note: if I sound like I don’t make sense and go off on a tangent a few times, it’s only because I haven’t slept yet. My old man will be fuming once he finds out (he keeps up with my daily entries) but hey, that’s what Friday nights are for right?!)

Anyway, I’m not gonna push too much further in the way of Josh-work this morning because I have two very important meetings in less than an hour. Then I have work. And then I have a date with a pillow. I love pillows.

Better living everyone. (Ha! New Zealand Inference there)