Day 342: What Bodybuilding Can Teach The Aspiring Internet Entrepreneur Pt.2

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve discovered some universal truths that have really helped me in my own pursuit to enter a Bodybuilding Competition next year. I’ve broken those truths into a series that I’m sharing with anyone interested in seeing how any goal, be it Bodybuilding or Business-building, relies heavily on a few sound and timeless laws in order to be successful. I certainly hope you get something worthwhile out of it.

Make Rest a Necessity, Not An Objective

Make rest a necessity, not an objective. Only rest long enough to gather strength” – Jim Rohn

In a time where the Internet is ever expanding, it really can be a struggle to make Rest a priority, especially when it’s so easy to squeeze in one more task or send one more e-mail and fool yourself into thinking you’re productive. The same rule applies to people so keen to make greater gains while training and the similarities are quite interesting.

For example, a person goes to the gym with the intention of exercising their legs In an attempt to “get the most out of their work out” they may feel compelled to continue training for up to 80 minutes, naïvely thinking they’re making the most use of their time. The truth in the matter is that person has over-trained that particular muscle group and could very well have undone some of the hard work they had accomplished up to that point (I can attest to this from my own experience). They could also further sabotage their efforts by failing to rest long enough for their muscles to heal from the damage that had been caused during their training session, so special attention must be given to the work:rest ratio.

The same applies to running a business effectively. Overwork yourself and fatigue can set in, resulting in increased errors and unnecessary mistakes. Follow that up with a poor amount of Rest and you create a pattern of deficiency that is self-perpetuating. Now granted, it’s hard to find the perfect balance at the very start but sometimes something as simple as talking to someone more knowledgeable than yourself can end up saving you not only wasted time of building up a bad habit but the additional time spent unlearning said habit. For bodybuilding, that might be a personal trainer, for business-building, that might be your mentor.

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