Day 343: What Bodybuilding Can Teach The Aspiring Internet Entrepreneur Pt.3

Part 3 in my series, this post is about the value in having focus and how to push through your own sense of desperation and limiting beliefs.

Distraction Is The Fat Lady Driving By In Her Car

Possibly the only thing I passionately dislike with personal fitness is cardio, not because it bores me but more that it’s hard work. No matter what, it seems I’m always willing to ease off taking that 20 minute run. Now, although I’ll usually end up doing it, I’m never short of excuses or distractions to take me away from it.

I’ll admit that after training for so long, it’s gotten easier but by far one of the handiest tricks I’ve picked up since starting the challenge has been remembering a very special day.

On this day, I was doing my 20 minute run. It was about 11 AM and I was extremely exhausted, panting and wheezing heavily, feeling like the footpath was going out of its way to give me ground shock. I was almost about to stop when I looked to see a car coming towards me and sitting on the passenger seat was a staunchly sizeable woman hunching over her window, who for those few seconds, raised her shades high enough to squint at and give me the sourest glare I’d ever seen before driving past me. While fighting off fatigue, I reflected on how this was the first time I’d ever gotten that particular reaction. After letting it set for another half second, I promptly the remainder of my strength back into my legs and powered through to finish my run.

Now, it’s true that I could have been running harder in an attempt to to get farther away from the car but whatever the reason, from that day forward, I’ve always remembered that chubby glare and once I associated it with giving up, I’ve never had a problem finding the motivation to go for that run.

That’s the end of this part in my series but check in tomorrow to read my post titled,  “Over-Training Applies To All Muscles, Your Brain Included