Day 345: What Bodybuilding Can Teach The Aspiring Internet Entrepreneur Pt.5

Probably one of the more peculiar tips I’ve picked up since starting my training, this is by far one of the coolest ones (I think) everyone should do. Do you agree or do I just like mirrors too much?…

“Damn, I Look Good in ’em Jeans”

Disclaimer: This one might first seem a little out there but I assure you, it is in no way referencing my jeans, nor me in or out of them. Disclaimer off.

In fact, I got the line from a writer by the name of Earnie Halter who has a song called Melissa. Towards the end he starts singing with the crowd and says in jest to a particular woman, “Damn, I Look Good in ’em Jeans”. Though he wasn’t being serious, I think it’s important we all get to the point where we can get on a pair of jeans and just check ourselves out a little from time to time. Let me explain.

Now I didn’t actually see the girl he was talking to but on some basic level I think it’s really important that we all take a page out of our handy-dandy bodybuilders notebook, and look in the proverbial mirror. Although it’s probably something you won’t initially agree with, unless you’ve trained before and have experienced the feeling of looking back at yourself to see an improved version on the fellow you saw a month, six months or even a year ago, you can’t deny that personal training has one leg up on business training. That advantage or benefit is the ability to receive immediate feedback on your performance by looking in the mirror, which I think is amazingly powerful, expecially as a visual person.

I mean, imagine if you could(with all your current business faults and shortcomings) look into the ‘business mirror’ twice a day after brushing your teeth and just be able to see how your ‘business muscles ’ are growing (or shrinking) or how you’ve put on a few unnecessary habits around the waistline over the past year. I certainly can’t speak for anyone else but given the chance to see my business-self as a visual representation I could look at daily would be priceless and no doubt a positive move to motivating me to take action and shape up.

With more than a month to go in my training challenge, this is far from the last post so be sure to check out Part 6 in the series, “One Slab At A Time”.