Day 346: What Bodybuilding Can Teach The Aspiring Internet Entrepreneur Pt.6

With this being the 6th post on my little series, I’m actually glad to see that there are a number of tips I’ve picked up. Hopefully you can relate to some of them and if you’ve ever had trouble getting things done, maybe this one will help you too…

“One Slab At A Time”

Let me first start off by saying that this post isn’t about bench pressing one “Slab” of weights at a time, nor is it a derogatory term to describe a particular person. No, this post is about how short-sightedness is a godsend, especially during those times where you undertake a particularly difficult task and you find your focus and determination waning.

The best way I can explain it is when I’m doing cardio training for instance, and no matter how much I remind myself that I’m only doing it is to see those fabled abdominal muscles of gym lore, I just can’t seem to shake the urge to give up. I’m sure everyone’s experienced it…you’re 70% of the way through your training and at the back of your mind, you know you should maintain intensity and continue to push through but at the front of your mind, you have this overpowering desire to quit. The desire that tells you how you CAN afford to stop because you can always pick up that run tomorrow or have the smallest of rests before resuming the run.

Most times when this happens, I find myself zoning out to a degree, blocking out whether cars are driving past me or what type of fences I’m running past. I zone out to a point where all I think about are the words “I’ve got to finish this. No matter what, I’ve got to finish this.”

Now it’d be great if I could say that’s is all it takes but frankly it’s not because the devil is very much at the door and he has sledgehammers for fists.

This is the point where I go down a deeper level to the point where I zone out within my mind as well. This means that not only am I limiting my vision to the narrowest field of view possible, I’m also limiting what I allow my mind to think, to the point where all I say to myself is “One more slab, just one more slab.” Over and over, I repeat this with the intention of only making it to the next pavement slab directly in front of me and no further. Once I’ve done that, I repeat the process and this persists until I’ve either gotten myself out of the funk of wanting to quit or I complete my run successfully.

Now if only doing the same thing in my business was as easy…

You see, in the past I’ve had problems with procrastination and not being able to prioritise things or being so put off by a task that I wouldn’t even attempt it and none of those strategies have ever worked for me, nor should they. The amazing thing is that in stark contrast, when I’m doing cardio (one of the things I dislike most about training), I AM able to block out everything else, deconstruct the entire exercise into manageable distances for me to complete.

In all honesty, I’ve never looked at the way I run and compare that to the way I work, when working on tasks I dislike or prefer not to do. Understanding the fact that I need to narrow my field of vision objectively as well as breakdown the task into smaller, manageable chunks means that my approach has been flawed until now. Reapplying this technique correctly means that I can complete a task more effectively than before and the results have been evident and a welcome to change.

One other additional source of leverage I’ve recently implemented, is placing a poster in front of my desk that simply says “HAVE LASER SHARP FOCUS NOW. This is simply a piece of advice that was given in a Neill Patel interview I listened to, where he said his one biggest regret was that he didn’t have laser sharp focus when he first began his businesses. After hearing him say this, the saying has now become firmly imprinted in my mind as the key to me being more effective and getting closer to my goals of both personal and business success.

After all, this guy’s made millions and continues to do so because he’s mastered the skill of getting things done. So with that in mind, let’s all remember to take our runs at success “one slab at a time” and we’ll all have abs of steel in no time flat.

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