Day 38: An Adventurous Mom's Focus On 'The Main Thing'

Although today’s post is coming in a little late, I thought it’d be good to provide a follow-up to a previous post I did titled, ‘Making the Main Thing the Main Thing’. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so because it centres around keeping in mind, that which is most important to you as you pursue success.

An example of someone putting this idea into action each and every day is an entrepreneur by the name of Makenzie Kelly.

Makenzie is a person who has lived on both sides of the fence, enjoyed the lifestyle a six-figure income provided while also disliking what it cost her in terms of time away from her family and herself. Makenzie has run a multi-million dollar company while maintaining an active  roles as a wife and mother of two. The most endearing quality of this woman, however, is the value she puts on time, specifically time spent with her loved ones, in actually living life rather than watching it to pass her by.

I first came to learn about Makenzie a little before Christmas when she posted a supportive comment on one of my earlier blogs. Piquing my curiosity, I took the initiative to check out her website at The Adventurous Mom (something I encourage all of you to do) and was impressed to say the least. Despite having a well-designed website with quality content specific to those actively pursuing the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur, I found most admirable, the common theme that serves as the backbone for her every endeavor. That paramount message is that time is the most precious commodity we have and should be spent doing what we love with the ones we love the most. This directly correlates with my entry on Day 33: Making The Main Thing The Main Thing and should be something we can all synchronise with.

Intrigued by the courage of this woman to walk away from the perceived monetary success many of us strive for, I found it encouraging to know there were others out there working towards a better balance for themselves and their family. I believe someone who works towards these goals, stands to provide a better insight into how others can go about changing their own lives and current situations. With that, I have the special pleasure of being able to give all my readers an exclusive interview call before the end of this week. For those interested, I encourage you check out Makenzie’s website at and of course check back for both the recorded phone call and transcript. I’m certain we will all stand to gain greatly from this interview and am really excited to say the least.

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

To our success in the future.