Day 39: How Can You Change Your Life?

I had the pleasure (which has become a welcome trend as of late) to receive a kind and supportive email from a friend who had been following this blog. I say kind and supportive, not because he was supportive of me and encouraged me in my own endeavor (although he did and I am ever grateful) but because in taking the initiative to share his own experience, he had begun a pattern that would inevitably draw him to be kinder and more supportive to himself.

In the message, he noted that he had attempted to set up a company last year though had “hit the wall” we all seem to run into in times of potential growth. Despite being stuck in this rut, my 2009 Retrospective post sparked the entrepreneurial flame within him once more. What I like about this guy is he caught himself losing the plot and felt prompted to put the brakes on for a minute and say “WAAAIT a minute!” (I love those moments!) He is now planning to do great things this year as should we all. And as difficult as it may be, there is far more benefit in striving for greatness than settling for anything less.

To use a non-entrepreneurial goal as an example, I recall watching a gymnast a few years back, do what appeared to be a chin-up on a vertical bar. It looked cool though I thought no more of it until this year when I decided to choose my 2010 goals . You can check these out by going to Day 27: 2009 In Retrospect. One of the physical goals I set was to do this same thing. Through research I learned that the correct term is a Human Flag and that the guy I saw was doing a chin-up variation of it. Inspired by the awesomeness, I set a goal to do 1 set of 10 reps by June. Check out the example video to get a better idea of what I’m talking about doing. To put this in perspective, I’ve not trained for many years but I’m excited for the opportunity to accomplish something so difficult. And for those who are thinking, “Dream on!”, thank you, I will.

Heck, if I aim to jump to the height of a tall branch with full conviction and commitment to that end, even if I miss it going up, I will surely catch it coming down. This is how we all need to think, don’t be afraid to try, don’t be afraid to jump and don’t be afraid to write because I promise you that your actions have a cumulative effect of one, encouraging you in your efforts and two, attracting others who will also encourage you. One more thing to do is offer service to these people, strangers or friends because it all comes back around and I prefer to catch success and support on the roundtrip rather than the alternative.

Better living everyone (Ha, couldn’t help it!).