Day 4: Your Thinkubator

In Day 3: Empowering the Process, Strengthening the Mind, I hinted towards this tool as a must have for any aspiring entrepreneur. Even in my early days, I’m confident enough to put a lot of stock in this tool given the ‘wealth of opportunities’ (I bet you liked that one) it creates.

In short, the Thinkubator is The Incubator Of All Your Thoughts.

For those of you who are confused, let me clarify:

Picture yourself lying in bed, sitting on the porch or staring up at the clouds as you reflect on the person you have been and envision the person you intend to become in the future. Let’s also say that you’ve already recognised the triggers or weaknesses that have held you back from becoming the person you want to be. You’ve taken time out to isolate the negative messages that have bombarded your subconscious mind and created your ultimate weapon , your Mantra, containing affirmations designed to uplift your state of mind with positive messages. Now with the prospect of being open and ready to receive all the opportunities life sees fit to bestow upon you, you wait with open arms for the means to realise your desires.

And wait.

And continue to wait.

Now at this point, you may start to feel a little bit anxious, maybe even impatient to an extent, but here is where keeping focused and holding to the truths contained within your Mantra are of vital importance. For sure enough, after some time you’ll begin to notice little gems of knowledge cropping up all over the place in your mind. These gems are the building blocks for larger gems, that in turn, will become the seedlings of an idea that will continue to develop in your mind. Now at first, your going to get excited. Before too long you’re really starting to enjoy the process of developing this idea but what you don’t realize, is that your mind is like the Internet, it never shuts down. So sooner or later, you gradually become inundated with handfuls of gems that over time, develop into small ideas disparate from your original concept, you then start to wonder what to do with them all.

So at this stage you have all these ideas banging into each other, desperately vying for your attention. You graciously offer up more and more room within your mind until eventually you arrive at the point of critical mass.

Introducing your Thinkubator.

The Thinkubator serves to free up your mind of necessary space. The aim is to write the concept or idea down on a piece of paper or within a notebook for future reference. This process has two benefits to it. The first is that by writing the idea down on paper, you in effect, begin the necessary process of realisation that will eventually result in a finished product, service or hybrid of the two. The important thing to note here, is that like goals, anything not written down is little more than a fleeting moment of interest or vague wish destined to be discarded. The second benefit is that by noting an idea down, it immediately frees up your mind to put more thought into a single idea with the full intention of seeing it actualized and hopefully monetized in the near future.

As an example, since beginning my 80 Day Journey to Becoming a Millionaire, I’ve had no less than seven ideas make themselves known to me. The period of time where those ideas were able to co-exist in my head was all of two days. After that point, there were six ideas remaining and my mind was declared a crime scene while I tried with desperation to locate the other idea.

You see, what I had failed to see was that having a handful of ideas floating in my head for too long eventually resulted in one idea having a conflict of interest with another, finally resulting in violence. One idea looked at the other the wrong way and bang, that idea was no more. This may often happen when you have ideas of differing view or that offer conflicting service. The key is to separate those ideas, working on them in isolation. Thankfully I only needed to learn this lesson once before I created my Thinkubator.

By simply writing all my ideas to paper, I was able to focus on one single idea at a time as, although I don’t like to admit it, my mind is far from being the multi-threading-super-computer I’d like it to be. The benefit though, is that my mind contains the same potential processing power as every other mind, likewise with yours. Thus putting a full effort into one idea at a time, is the key to success.

Now sure, I could have left the post as it is but I thought it would be more ‘Web 2.0’ to adopt a more interactive approach. For that reason, my concept is this:

For all of you reading this post, it will be clear to see that I’ve added a new page called “Thinkubator”. It is here that I intend to post my projects for all to see, as well as real-time progress updates to keep you all informed on how far each project is from completion. How much information I intend to disclose is yet to be seen but you get the point. Now at this stage, all I have is a landing page but if you are interested in getting involved, I would surely appreciate the interaction and I’m certain the process would shed more light on how you too can create that life changing concept. Simply subscribe via email or the RSS feed at the top of the page to get involved.

As always, feel free to weigh in the discussion as well as add any thoughts you have on Self Development and Personal Success. Just remember, your Thinkubator can be anything from a piece of paper that you place on the wall in front of your desk to a whiteboard hanging in the office or a little notebook that you carry with you wherever you go. Keep in mind that you don’t need to wait for the perfect idea to come along, right now there is no discrimination. Again, the important thing is not to get it right but to just get it started. Do that and you’ll be applying the principles of Kaizen like a master in no time. I’ll explain how this simple principle has changed my life for the better after just one week in Day Five: Kaizen till I Can’t Zen No More.

Till then, I wish you well on your Journey to and of Success.