Day 43: A Day With Family & Friends

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve just gotten up from having an awesome night with friends and family to celebrate my 26th Birthday.

The Saturday festivities kicked off with me waking up at 1PM(it actually kinda continued on from Friday as I worked through the night then took care of my girls when they woke up on Saturday morning, while my wife had a bit of a sleep in, before tag-teaming with her to take care of them at about 10AM). After I’d gotten up, I was treated to an amazing lunch by my wife which we all ate on the deck, then later set up the pool so that the girls and I could cool down. The irony is that, in the afternoon when my parents stopped by to visit the girls(they’ve never stopped by to visit my wife and I, ha!), an hour later, both my daughters were being cuddled by mother and grandmother while my dad and I were relaxing in the pool. Boys will be boys. The day was topped off by me going out with some friends and family to show these young ‘uns a thing or two about moves on the dancefloor. We called it a night at about 4AM (after I’d  rediscovered my (now aching) thigh muscles and left on an awesome high.

So after this accounting, you may be wondering what this has to do with my 80-Day Journey. The relevance is that this is why I’m doing this. Sure, I didn’t make any highly-rewarding progress but hey, this is my birthday man! I spent an amazing day with those I love doing the things I love! As a result, I can’t wait to show you guys the nice little treat I have in store for you later today…trust me, it’s going to be awesome!