Day 45, 46, 47: Principles, Do A Business Make

It’s been yet another few days since I last posted but I came across something very cool last night while looking for some good copy to use on my new design firm’s website. For those not familiar with the term, copy, I’m referring to the sales text companies place on their web sites in order to give a “call to action” to prospects who they wish to convert into customers. For example, if you stumble upon a product manufacturers or service providers main page and read through their introduction about the company and what they provide, a good judge of whether their sales copy (what you’ve just finished reading) is effective is it’s ability to do five things contained within the acronym, AIDA.
AIDA stands for:
Internet marketers the world around ensure their sales copy does all these things (highly effectively might I add). One needs only land on the all too common single column sales page with a yellow background and bright red header text, sprinkled with testimonials and offering a once-in-a-lifetime deal, to see how they encourage Attention, Interest, Desire and Action in a single page.
Through my wansderings, I stumbled on a site that had a video of a gentleman by the name of Rob Everts who had been co-directing a company in the coffee industry for at least the last 20 years. What interested me was the heading of the video, titled “Good Business = Good Ethics” so naturally I took the time to watch it. In it Rob gave an accounting of what defines a company as being both excellent and groundbreaking. Anyone excited about their business (especially those who garner little support from others), is strongly advised to watch his video. I’ve provided the link below.

As you watch the video, I want you to take special notice of how he helps to create a hybrid market out of two separate markets, not dissimilar to what cirque du soleil have done. Blue Ocean anyone?