Day 48: The Launch Of My Design Firm's Website,

LogoWell it’s been another long night and I’ve finally finished the brand new website for Roarender, my Digital Design Firm. It is absent of a few bells and whistles but those will be added to this weekend. The important thing is I have a website that people can come and look at, learning what services are available and how they may get in touch with us to improve their business.

This was a requirement of me continuing onto Phase 2, which entails me cold calling for leads. Fortunately, I have two leads who will be the first clients to be serviced by my new-look company. Phase 2, of course, will also provide the capital necessary to run my second website,, which I hope to launch tomorrow. Very excited about that.

Now, I actually had something cool that I really wanted to share with you guys but I swear, I ‘m seeing two keyboards being typed this very instant. With that in mind, I’m calling this a night and I’ll be back in a few hours to go hard all over again. The most important thing is that this phase of my plan is now completed and I can work on the next phase, which is finishing the web design items on my list for Checkity.

I have to say that at these points of extreme fatigue and near delirium, it does feel satisfying to reach a milestone after so long of procrastinating or not knowing how to do certain things. It really says a lot about doing one thing as best you can before moving on.

Don’t forget to have a little nosey at the site I have up at the moment by clicking on the Roarender logo at the top of the page and feel free to IM me any mistakes on my part! And yes, I will put some pf my work up there in order to flesh the static pages out a little bit. : )

  • Dad

    Love what you have done to the logo and site. bless you and keep up the great work.

    My quote for you for the day is…It is beyond where men go that leaders journey into…Don Roa 23/01/210

    • Josh

      aw…thanks dad! I’ll keep working at it till it works but at least I’ve gotten the ball rolling. Then we can work on your 80 Days, Ha!