Day 50: 50 Ways To Close A Sale Without A Single Way To Open

Well today was another day spent enjoying the adventures of fatherhood. My youngest reaffirmed her commitment to symmetry by getting an ear infection in the left ear this week to match the one she had last week in her right. Fortunately, her father’s goofy expressions were a greater cause for laughter, then the ear ache was for tears.

So with daytime being well and truly occupied, I even lost the chance to double dip by listening to more audio tracks while taking my girls for an evening walk. I’d also asked my wife out on a date so we spent the evening driving around town and sharing a meal together before we came back home.

Lucky for me, prior to going on our date, I had 40 or so minutes to sit down and watch a sales presentation by Zig Ziglar titled “Secrets of closing the sale”. From what I could see, he did an amazing job of showing his live audience several different ways to close a sale and change the way they approach selling their products, goods or services.

The original reason I wanted to watch the presentation was because in conjunction with the re-launch of my website, I’d allocated a certain portion of the day to getting on the phone and looking for leads by cold calling. One thing I was apprehensive about was the knowledge that cold calling was a very long and tedious process. I realised that, for instance, if I was working with a lead percentage of 1%, then I would need to call one hundred possible leads in order to find one. That would mean that, with a two-minute script, I’d need seven hours to receive one lead that wasn’t even a guarantee.

As I continued to listen to the presentation, my mind was racing around this problem and I tried to role-play how I would receive a phone call from a guy selling a web design service. I considered that if I was a small to medium business owner, my immediate focus was to be better known and receive more business than my nearest competitor, who could be as far away as 1 to 2 blocks. I also considered that if I was a small-business owner, I may not appreciate the need to have a Web presence, especially if I was running a panel beating or small plumbing business that didn’t necessarily have a brand or company face. I would, however, also consider the prospect of getting a website if I (a) saw the physical data to support the evidence of increased sales by having a website, (b) that many other companies in my industry were using websites to generate leads, (c) that my nearest local competitor had a website and that (d) I could get one of superior value for a lower price.

From that angle, I devised an idea to not go about making cold calls and instead, offer a free preliminary online marketing report that would illustrate the state of the online market relative to our prospects industry and highlight the benefits in having a website that provided potential customers (of our prospect) with an answer to their buying needs. Now, I’m no salesman and maybe this is an unnecessary step but the way I see it is if I provide a free report, it then gives me a chance to investigate the prospects industry, competition and possible buying objections so that I can later make a “warm call” offering my web design service as the solution to his current online business problems as opposed to a “cold call” from a stranger trying to sell something he neither wants nor needs.

I’m not sure I’ll get to work on it tomorrow night but I’ll continue to think about how to approach it because if I do so in the right way, I’ll be able to reuse that same report (with minor alterations) for any other small to medium business within the same industry and then follow that up with another warm call. This way I could saturate an industry with warm calls, knowing that I have the preliminary information and the answers to some of the buying objections that might arise.

Just an idea but it may be a start. I’ll let you know how it all goes on Day 52!

As for now, it’s 3 AM and I am out. I plan to take my girls to the beach later today so I’d better get some rest so that my eldest doesn’t get any ideas to start feeding me sand while I’m snoozing under the sun!

Until the next entry, I wish you all well on your Journeys To and Of Success. Hopefully your all thinking of grand and grander ideas as you invest that most important asset you have, time, into your own Self Development and Personal Success.

To our success!