Day 52: The Great Sales Journey Begins..

Well, with my design firm’s website up and running, my new blog theme being put through its paces and new content being created for both, I decided to do that which I’d been most apprehensive of doing this last week which is start putting together a sales presentation. All I can say is I would be in a difficult bind if not for my existing connections and would know little of how to grow into an active sales role without Zig Ziglar’s Sales Difference audio set. I bought it on the weekend and have not been able to put it down. It came with a workbook so I’ve been eagerly working through it and have discovered new things about my personal preferences when it comes to interacting with people and recognizing where I need to grow. Refreshing and invigorating, kinda like a long hike before your parched mouth enjoys that first sip of water.

With the reference and note I’d taken from Zig’s training, I also proceeded to start putting together a sales letter to send to several local businesses (my suspects) within the area. Thankfully, Makenzie was kind enough to provide a link to some copyrighting resources by Mike Filsame, so I began to go over those tonight as well.

One thing I must finish up tomorrow is one of two web design templates I’ll be putting together for use in my presentation. I also ran into a director of a local printing company too, who gave me his card. First thing I did was check his website, which was slightly dated and could present an opportunity for contra. I hope I termed it correctly but basically it may be a chance to exchange trade services, I provide a website, he provides 1000 or so business cards. We’ll see what happens once I’ve decided on a final design and gotten comparative pricing.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how it all goes. It’s so exciting to be approaching my business from…well, a business point of view. I also can’t wait to get some networking and sales experience under my belt this week. Oh, and I’ll need to finish my financial projections for Checkity as well, the, thus far, mysterious project I’ve been working on lately. Keep an eye on February 10th because that is scheduled as the unofficial launch too!

Again, very amped because I know I can pull it all off.

Henry Ford said it best,

“Whether you think that you can or that you can’t, you are usually right.”