Day 53: 1 Down, 1 To Go

Well, I had set a goal to get my templates out of the way for my design firm and at 4am the following day, I have one finished and one left to go. One thing I’m glad to know is that as I continue to create more templates, I’m going to get faster at doing so.Of course, the objective is to ween myself off such work once the luxury of having it, presents itself.

The unsettling thing is that I’ve got an itch to do another mockup of my roarender site after messing around with a couple ideas. I guess I’ll have to focus on scratching the bigger itches for the mean time until I have time to rework it the way I want. I love the fact that there are so many creatives constantly redefining standards on the web. It provides an endless amount of inspiration to people like me who are so easily drawn to being distracted.

On a previous-post-related-note, I received feedback about a reference I made to contra that I wanted to clear up. A few people wanted to know the price I was seeking per business card when I said there might be an opportunity to provide a service for a service. To be honest with you all, I hadn’t even considered it but expected it to be substantial. If you are unclear what I mean, check out these examples at Webdesigner Depot and Creative Nerds. I would hazard a guess that some of the more elaborate cards would be well over $1.00 each though I do have a friend in China….but anyway, before that were to happen, I’d need to align all my sales material, digital and not, to one specific design, something I’ll worry about when I can afford it. For now, the status quo will suffice.

I also had the chance to check out the copy of Zig Ziglar’s sals dvd I bought¬† a couple days ago. Talk about mind-expanding and inspirational, I’ll revise my notes tomorrow and set about creating a phone and face-to-face script that will hopefully do a good job of covering all my bases once I start door-knocking. I know, I said I’d do it last week but until tonight, I’d let ‘sales apprehension’ get the better of me. Fortunately, I reread my old posts from time to time and had the good fortune to remember the quote I posted yesterday. Now that I’m intent on preparing, the test will be how long it takes before I celebrate that initial sale (nerve raking yet a very cool challenge).

I also knocked off doing a large part of my forecasting tonight for Checkity. I’ll have my accountant review it so, come Friday, I’ll hopefully have some positive feedback from ‘Mr. M’. I’m still a little puzzled on restructuring the business model but I know it will work itself out if I just give it a little space.

I’ve also got another interview in the works and will hopefully have some rocking news to give you guys once he’s confirmed the time (I haven’t even approached him, to be honest with you).¬† So wish me luck. Well, wish us luck actually because I guarantee what you learn from him will speak volumes about what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. Especially one in the Technology and Internet Industry.

As for me, my brain is full with sales information and my eyes are tired of looking at code so I’m retiring to get some shut eye before I go to work!