Day 54: Two Down, Now The Fun Begins

As the title eludes to, I finished the second template for my web design firm. Took me the better part of the day, though that also included the concept and mockup. Thankfully, it was easier given the fact that most if not all of the pages on these templates were simply displaying images and text as opposed to containing e-commerce functionality or membership stuff which I can worry about later. Now, all that’s left to do is write my phone script, rehearse it and test it’s effectiveness in creating prospects. After some time, I’ll undoubtedly create an alternate version to split-test against but that will be later down the line. I actually don’t know how many sales I’ll be able to get so I’ll just start with one this week. I may not be able to do much work tomorrow as father duties come a callin’ in the morning and I’ll be working from mid-day onwards. I’ll schedule as many calls as possible between 11-1pm on Friday and make the most of my time tomorrow by doing further work on Checkity.

Now that I mention phone calls, I had the pleasure today of speaking to a very very kind woman who is serving as the assistant to another person who has played a significant role in my life, specifically in the turn it’s taken of late. After explaining who I was and how I’d had trouble trying to get a hold of her boss directly, she offered to receive, review and hopefully refer my letter of introduction, on my behalf, so that I would have a better chance of getting a response. Suffice to say, with this gentleman’s manic schedule, from mentoring other businesses and him running what must be his third startup (the others were acquired for millions of dollars each), I was very grateful for the assistance. I then proceeded to edit, re-edit and finally give up as I tried to ensure the introduction letter would have it’s desired effect. Some time later, I emailed the letter and now the waiting game begins.

I’m very excited to see what happens. Whether this leads to an opportunity or not, I’m reminded of how I got my first retail job, persistence. Every-day-persistence in fact so I may need to resort to similar tactics in order to reiterate my intent and dedication while not coming across as a spammer of stalker. The significance of my being able to talk to him is that, as mentioned before, advice I received from him in a single meeting led me create this blog. I would love to talk to him, share my progress based on his advice and hopefully be a sponge for any further advice he were to offer. Maybe even get an interview if I play my cards right (but shhh, don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret between me and the internet)!

Wish me luck!