Day 55: A Little Inside Help Helps The Medicine Go Down

Today was a great day. I spent part of the afternoon working my way through my first list of phone numbers. The total numbered a grand total of 5 businesses who might be possible ‘suspects’ for my service, which is web design. I’ve created a little database that will keep track of businesses as they move from being ‘suspects’ to ‘prospects’ and eventually to ‘customers’. As I’m just setting out and have little need for a full-fledged Customer Management System, I’ve found a friend in a good old-fashioned excel spreadsheet.

The results of the 15 minutes I spent today were:

Total Calls Made 5
Total Suspects Reached 2
Voice Messages Left 3
Calls For Tomorrow 3
Prospect Conversions 2
Prospect Conversion Rate 40%

On reflection, it was a great way to start the my new habit of daily sales calling, especially considering I had expected a conversion rate of >1%. I used a phone script that I followed for roughly 80% of the call. I also used an additional script for the voice calls too though I’ll be better organised tomorrow. I ended having a few seconds of dead air, initially, when I’d inadvertantly begun reading from the wrong script when I received a voice message.

Take note that the Prospect Conversions mean the number of ‘suspects’ who agreed to have a 20 minute meeting with me to discuss possible ways to improve their business via the internet. I have 1 meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and another for this coming Monday. I am an acquaintance of this gentleman though it will be a prime oportunity to practise my sales process and how effective I conduct my sales presentation.

The most important thing to note, is that I approached every call as a ‘sales experiment’, not a ‘sales experience’. I did this to distance myself objectively from each call and although there was little need to do so today, I have no doubt that it will prove invaluable for future situations when I encounter suspects eager to reject my approach. The important thing I must do is remember they will never be given the oportunity to reject myself. This is to ensure that my high days stay high and my low days stay low so that I can continue to put forward a positive and obliging attitude when I speak to people. All mindset stuff but I’ve bought into it and aim to sell it to you guys through the results I am certain to get.

One last thing when you look at my results, I stacked the deck. Remember how I said I didn’t want to be making many cold calls because of the negative connotations it creates and the lower conversion rates? Well, 3 of the 5 names on my list were referrals from my current 3D Animation client. The other 2 are people who’s business cards I had received some time ago. All of these people know either of myself or know the connector (my client) who referred them so hence, my call ended up being a ‘warm call’ instead of a cold call. All without me having to prepare any reports, do any promotion or worry about any of that other activity-intensive stuff. At least for now anyway.

Another great thing about today (which was blatantly referenced in the title) is that I’d received an email from the assistant of the gentleman I’d been trying to contact for the last 3 weeks. Without giving too much away, she had agreed to assist me in getting my letter of introduction in front of him. She even offered to edit it to suit his style. How cool is that?! I, for one, was over the moon, jumping in my office like a man with a toaster in his pants (I’ve never done that before , by the way). In fact, in my reply, I offered to give her a VIP pass to as many pies as possible once talks between myself and McDonalds reopened regarding Georgie Pie –

Hey, wait a minute…how cool would it be if I got an interview with the owners of Georgie Pie?! For all my international readers, Georgie Pie was a restaurant chain in New Zealand that quickly could’ve been a national treasure had it not been wisely bought out and buried by McDonalds. As I’m typing, and as I just finished having a mince pie and mashed potatoes at about 2:30AM, my first thoughts are that it would be awesome. What would be the point you ask? Well, again for the international readers, it’d be beneficial to hear the story of a company that grew, and worked, and sweat, and worked some more to eventually be so big, it was the prize pig Mr. McDonald wanted to buy and take home from market. To my New Zealand readership, come on, it’s Georgie Pie man!!

Anyhow, back to what I was saying about assistants, they are gold. These are the people who vet what an executive, CEO or manager reads in order to make the most of their time and energy. Assistants, Personal Assistants and Secretary’s are also skilled in managing time and knowing what their boss will like, need or want. The way I see it, if a CEO or Director is too big a mountain to scale and reach with timely confidence, the PA or secretary may be the snow lift that, if respected and valued for their skills and experience, may assist you in getting 60-70% of the way. For this reason, I fully intend on being on every PA or secretary’s good side (even if they don’t like Georgie Pie)!

Now, if this entry comes across somewhat scattered and tangential, it’s 3:58AM and I have a surreally warm sensation through my body which is a hint to go to sleep. Hence, I am out.

As for “yall”, I sincerely hope that my experience is benefiting you in some way. Through this little journey of mine I have learned so much about myself and encourage everyone to take serious stock of themselves and their goals and honestly invest some time in their own Growth and Personal Development if you see value in doing so. I hate to imagine the life less lived I would be stuck in had I not made the small but steady progress I aim for each day. Some days are good, some days are better than good but all of them are moving me forward.

So here’s the question, which direction are you moving?