Day 56: Taking Stock Of What You've Got

If someone had come up to me 6 months ago and told me that in 7 months I’d be financially free with two successful businesses, have the time I wanted to make memories with my beautiful daughters and stunning wife, be enjoying every day as if it were my first and oh man, have a social life again, I’d reply “Pass the dutchie pon the left hand side brother cos we can’t be talking bout the same Josh!”

I mean, we’re talking about a guy who was stressed from anxiety, exhausted by an unfocused work and study ethic and haunted by his own short comings and lost opportunity. I couldn’t possibly be this other Josh who had everything so well put together! It just sounds too good to be true.

Track back to the present day and I’m now beginning to see this future as a certainty more than any other time before. It wasn’t until I was able to sit down with my wife tonight and take stock of not only my progress but our progress over the last two months. From the short time that I have been on my journey, I’ve learned a great number of things that have helped me to make a significant change in my life. The ripple effect of this however, is that I’ve also had the joy of seeing others make change in their own lives, some who are friends, a select others who are close family, one of them being my wife. Hers was a slow change that took a certain amount of social proof to help her make a choice about her own life. Her outlook on herself, her role in life as a mother, wife and woman have greatly improved with her being actively positive, more than me at times. This single difference is what makes my journey all the more worth it, regardless of the end result. I could go on telling my wife’s story but I probably wouldn’t do it justice, and besides, she doesn’t like the limelight so much so I’ll leave it at that.

My point is that I’ve seen some crazy change in others who are near and dear to my heart. Changes I guarantee I would’ve lost money on had someone put forward a wager any day of the week. Suffice to say, talking to my wife is slowly taking a turn for the better. I’d always thought we communicated well but I’m learning how we can communicate well-er (intentional ungrammatical spelling)!

The more I say change, the more I understand a statement Zig Ziglar made about selling. He stated that a person never ‘changes’ their mind when you sell to them. Some salespeople would beg to differ given that after handling an objection, they were able to get the prospect to change their mind. Ziglar sought to clarify that this process wasn’t them ‘changing their minds’, in fact, it was them making a new buying decision based on additional information.

What this means when applied to my situation or anyone else’s for that matter, is that we will never change the way we live for as long as we work with the same information at our disposal. If we continue to read the same books (or for some of us, none at all), watch the same programs and learn the same lessons, we’ll never have cause to ‘make a new buying decision’. However, if we provide ourselves with additional information, knowledge that causes us to reevaluate our previous decisions, only then will there be cause to make a new decision. So just to connect the dots, Josh as of late November, knew enough to make the same decisions he’d been making till that point but once Josh began to receive new information, only then was there a need to reflect on past decisions and eventually make a new one (for the better might I add).

With that, I’ve seen other people not necessarily ‘change’ I guess, but ‘make new buying decisions’ based on new information they’ve received from me or their own research as a result of directly or indirectly learning about what I’m doing. As I said  before, the purpose of this blog is to help and encourage others as well as myself so hopefully this is another motivator to those ‘waiting in the wings’, so to speak. It’s my hope that everyone takes action by investing in their own personal and business development.

Here’s a saying my dad used to have above our fireplace, “If you seek to build the business and fail to build the man, you will fail every time. However, if you first seek to build up the man, you will succeed in both.”

ps. women may substitute ‘man’ for ‘woman’, just thought I should point that out.

  • Liz

    Josh- I’ve enjoyed reading your blog & am fascinated with your progress & very proud I might add! I have a couple of projects in mind that I may need your help in…:) Hugs & kisses to the girls!

  • Josh

    Thanks Liz,

    I glanced a pic of you and the family. Everyone is so grown up, props to Facebook!