Day 58: Would You Have Done Any Differently?..

If you could turn back time and undo that one epic mistake you made on that one awful day, would you?

If you could go back in time and take back what you said or undo what you did, would it even make a difference?

I mean, think about it, really focus on that erroneous moment (some of us took one too many of them when they were being handed out) and envision yourself poised to do or say that thing you would live to regret in the future. Drown your senses in that instant and allow your mind to wander with the possibilities…

Spending time with one of my closest friends, our conversation wandered to talking about friends and family, asking how each was doing and listening to the answer that followed. Though we had rarely caught up properly for what could only be referred to as far too long, I enjoyed talking to this person who I’d known for the last 16 years of my life. I have fond memories of being in a small circle ( which was more like a triangle really) who set ourselves apart from the rest by being the select few, through and after highschool, to neither drink nor smoke.

Our character and personality, for the most part, buffered us against the inevitable social backlash and, for the difference, served to cement our relationship as close and valued friends. We were near inseparable, even more after highschool, and the trend has stayed the same regardless.

I share this with you because others had not been so lucky. The less fortunate found themselves caught up in the throws of social pressure and had a weak or no foundation to stand on. These people were subsequently at the mercy of the storm and the results are evident.

My mind seemed to be stuck in a loop because the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I had gotten caught up in this storm more than a few times, though for different things. I’d been bruised and battered as a result of other choices I’d made and some of them had determined a large part of my past.  Looking deeper, I took stock of what I had accomplished as a result and appreciated the wisdom that had come with experience. Experience that included heartbreak, failure, self-disgust, a lack of discipline, and a fear of being alone. Experience that also contained moments of love, success, self-belief, determination and a sense of belonging. These experiences had taught me great lessons. They had provided great opportunities for growth and provided me with the insight to re-frame situations at every chance, almost proactively, in order to view life through another’s eyes. I think this ability was born out of my own desire to have others see my situation for more than it appeared to be but that’s another entry. Suffice to say, I learned and continue to learn a great deal about myself and others as a result of the choices I made.

For one such as I, who has made many a mistake in my short life of 26 years and 15 days, I can assuredly say, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have done many wrong and hurtful things in my time. Broken spirits in my haste to be right, bruised souls in my endeavor to find a place among peers, burned bridges in my misguided years of immaturity and unprofessionalism. All this, in less than 27 years. But the story is only half told of course, for I’ve learned a great deal that has driven me to aim high and create a close circle of friends and family who continue to love and support me through everything.

So what of you? And what of your mistakes? Can you say that you’ve learned a great deal more about yourself and others that has lead to you becoming wiser as a result?

I would hope, for the most part, that the answer would be yes, for life is a kind teacher who is only too happy to repeat a lesson if you fail to learn it the first time.

Are there lessons that you have learned from mistakes you’ve made?

If so, share them and how they have lead to your increased success either in the home or in the workplace.

This way, others will have the chance to learn from your lessons courtesy of your experiences.

Personally, I don’t need to stand behind the donkey to see if it kicks so go on, write it down…Won’t take but a second though it could change a persons life!

  • Makenzie Kelly

    Josh!! I am just AMAZED at how insightful and mature your posts are! I can tell that you have grown so much in such a short period of time. YOU are already successful and prosperous in so many more ways than you know!
    To answer your question about doing things differently…yes. I have made sooo many mistakes, and some really bad ones! Yet, I have chosen not to dwell on them, the guilt and the pain does not serve me. I have forgiven myself for the mistakes and have asked for forgiveness.
    In order for me to be in a state of creativity, I MUST feel good, be happy and feel free. Feeling bad will not allow me to be creative and share my greatness with others either. We are all subject to making mistakes, we are human. But we can choose to say down, or rise up and overcome ourselves to become the greatness that we are supposed to be!!

    Keep up the great work Josh!
    .-= Makenzie Kelly´s last blog ..Dare Something Worthy! Take the L.E.A.P! =-.

    • Josh

      Thanks Mak,

      I appreciate your input. We’ll definitely have to catch up next week to find out how things are going on your side of the world.

      Oh, I like the copy on your latest entry too. very slick!

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