Day 61: Check(ity)ing My Progress

Well today I had the chance to follow up on another prospect who I intend to meet on Monday. I also had the chance to work on the financials of my Checkity project. This was an exercise in itself as I had not done anything in the way of forecasting in the past. Once I had finished (two hours later) it dawned on me that I could’ve called on the aid of my accountant, classic right?! Anyway, I finished that for another round with my mentor and hope to get some feedback from a few problems that arose while I was crunching the numbers.

As an update on the status of the project, the website will be getting most of my attention this weekend as I prep it for the Wednesday launch. I just need to ensure that all the kinks will be worked out and will be using my brilliant-tutor-card many a time before the launch to cover my backside. Exciting stuff to finally see it all coming together so hopefully my meeting goes well and I come out a lot wiser.

Oh, I’m also door knocking tomorrow. I’m really amped and can’t wait to start walking the beat around my local area, if for no other reason than to get in the thick of it and start making mistakes. One of the tips I learned from Jim Rohn in his Millionaire Magic recording, is to get in the habit of keeping score regarding my sales results. He also insists upon keeping a journal to ensure you remember and can recall the stories that will aid you in the future when meeting other people. Beforehand, I was always told to keep a journal for posterity. I understand and saw the value in it but failed to take immediate action. With my coming to the end of my 80-Day Journey, I’m eager to get as much experience under my belt as possible. Thus, as of tomorrow (because it is 4AM and I am very weary from today’s events) I will be keeping score. It’s such a shame that I have to go to work tomorrow but the bills must be payed right?! Another important point, however, is that I’ll have the chance to sharpen my animation and communication skills in the workplace and maybe learn a few new things while doing so. I really need to start looking at situations in this manner. More homework.

But with tomorrow morning slated to be a very new experience, I can’t wait to see how well/not so well I do, wish me well!