Day 63: Karaoke For The Soul

After enjoying the long weekend with friends and family, I winced slightly when I saw that I had four days of entries to catch up on. Fortunately, though I was lax in keeping up with my blog, I’d taken up the Jim-Rohn-challenge to keep a journal. In every day for the past five days, I’ve tried to include a lesson learned and the challenge to learn another the following day. One of these experiences took place on Saturday and it involved an affair with a karaoke booth…

See, now anyone who knows me, knows I am relatively good at holding a note. What people always assume however, is that someone who can do anything, be it singing, dancing or preforming on stage, is exempt from feeling stage fright and as uncomfortable as the untrained and less-talented. This is a precursor to my saying, I get just as nervous as any other person anytime I sing in front of anyone other than my closest friends and family.

What happened on Saturday night was very interesting however. I turn up at the korean karaoke booth and low and behold, one of my mates is having a blast singing for all he’s worth in the company of two of his “girls”, two really awesome Korean and Japanese girls. As I’d come into town with my other friend and his partner, the six of us made ourselves comfortable before scanning through the song choices. Suffice to say, the moment these two girls began singing, we were floored. Not only were their voices amazing but they had only been learning english in New Zealand for 10 months. They were clearly well acquainted with many of the songs, be it by Beyonce or Lady Gaga but there was absolutely no apprehension or hesitation whatsoever. Now, I don’t care who you are, if english is your first language and you listen to the radio, your left with no excuses in the company of these two. Now granted, they may frequent the iTunes store and Karaoke may be how they roll but still, you couldn’t have colored me more impressed, especially since I’d begun curling back into my reserved shell. From that moment on though, I had a blast (and yes, maybe it was the Tom Jones song talking) and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out. I even talked the korean girl into singing my favorite song from the Korean comedy, 200 Pound Beauty. IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!

If you haven’t seen 200 Pound Beauty and watching asian comedies floats your boat, I definitely recommend watching it. It was a favorite while I was in China. And for those unfamiliar with the song I’m talking about, check it out below. After which, you’ll agree on it’s awesomeness. If not, it’s too late anyway, you’ve already watched it, ha! : )

The cool thing about the night is that I learned (and I always make an effort to learn at least one lesson a day) that no matter what my apprehensions are, there are always others with greater reasons to be shy or feel awkward. The fact that they shirk away from such feelings is an example of how I (yet again) continue to allow my attitude to limit my altitude. Some may say I’m reading into it too much but I think I’ve been doing the opposite for far too long with no results, so from this point on, I’m doing the opposite to what I’ve always done starting now! I’m sure over the next week, you’ll be able to gauge my success.

I’ll post my lessons from Sunday and Monday up here later today. As for now, I must be hitting the sack! Until then, I wish you all the very best in your own pursuit of Success.