Day 64, 65, 66, 67: "Inspectus Petrification(us)"

Yes, I’m one of the select few who actually enjoy watching Harry Potter but let me explain why I said petrification..

I’d mentioned that I’d include each days lesson for the past 4 days into separate posts but the reality was that with my new schedule, I had little opportunity to do even that.

Between working my daytime job, arranging appointments with prospects, creating proposals for my digital design business, juggling home-life with my family, having a little personal time for myself and maintaining this blog, sadly I’d allowed the grounds to grow wild (that was a literal inference as well..). Not to mention my Checkity production schedule which had fallen behind because I’d failed to monitor my own progress and hold to the schedule rigidly.

I think it could be summed up by the following: I sowed a bad crop and am now reaping the bad harvest as it were.

The ironic thing is that although I’ve heard many times, the teaching that bad sowing inevitable results in a bad harvest, I ignored the alarm bells that were going off in my head periodically during this period and the result is (trumpet sounds) slight flashes of fear mixed in with a spoonful of anxiety.

The solution: Clearly a new and better plan.

With that in mind, I made a list of all the important things I needed to do in order to destress my mind, get the results I wanted and then put them in priority. Though my Checkity Project is still important, the more important focus needs to be on my web design firm given that I finish my current contract in a little less than 3 weeks. This includes the finishing touches to the website and the most important, sales calls. As of Thursday, I’ll have the goal of collecting a list of 500 businesses with the intention of contacting as many as I can within an hour each day.

So far my prospect rate has been 10% but to date, my sales rate after 4 meetings is zero. This means that given I’m a newbie in the game of sales, I need to make up what I lack in skill with sheer volume, until I improve my ability to sell. Hopefully, by making a higher volume of calls, the sales rate will improve (it better!).

With this in mind, I’ve had to rearrange my production schedule for all my projects. The most important thing is to focus on Roarender sales if I ever hope to get it off the ground. Everything else is secondary to that at this point.What does this mean about my 80-day challenge? Just that although the focus has been placed back on ‘minor things’ so to speak, the goal is still the same. The way I see it is until I can make $100.00 in sales, I’ll never be able to make $1000.00. Likewise, until I make $1000.00, I’ll never be able to make $10,000.00, then $100,000.00 and finally $1,000,000.00.

So first things first and that’s getting my first $100.00 in sales!