Day 68: The mornings results

So in my last entry, I mentioned that I had to get my first $100.00 in sales. The goal I’d set was to spend an hour prospecting local businesses in my area by phone. I’d also set the goal of getting a list of at least 500 names to work through. With my schedule of appointments, errands, existing contracts and family, I’d allocated an hour to both collecting names and prospecting. The reality was that the hour went a lot faster than I had planned. I’d aimed to have as large a list as possible and only resulted in a list of 20. Stark contrast from the goal of 500, that’s for sure.

Thankfully, the results were consistent with 20% opting in for more information. In truth I’d also done a certain amount of pre-qualification work by only selecting businesses that had an affinity with past businesses I’d designed mock-ups for. These businesses were small-to-medium trade contractors. This allowed me an easier in when it came to talking about how beneficial a website might be to these other businesses and gave me a better chance at setting an appointment.

So the results were that I received four interested responses for supplementary information, one being from a business that was interested in revamping his website. I emailed them the information and intend to follow-up with a phone call tomorrow to schedule an appointment. Not the raving success that I’d hoped for but a step forward.

At the end of the day, I’ve learned the following:

  1. I need separate times to schedule name collection and prospecting.
  2. I can’t allow myself to be distracted by jumping between the two when I’m doing either one.
  3. I need a faster way of pre-qualifying businesses.
  4. I must incorporate a sentence or two on establishing affinity into my phone script (when relevant). And use it.

I’ll include the results of Friday’s exercise in the next post but for now I hope everyone is having as much of a blast learning the hard lessons as I am. Misery loves company after all, ha!

But seriously, this experience is teaching me so much about myself and what I have to do in order to run a successful business so all I cna do is continue on with sheer determination and persistence. Besides, if I look at every setback as being the very last hurdle before success, it’ll go a long way to me staying focused and not giving up.