Day 7: Mentor Me This

Coming in a little late for day 7, I figured it’d be good to share some of the thoughts that have been bouncing around my head today. Now, if you’re like me then you’ve probably read half a dozen books on Personal Success or Self Development, or heard audiotapes on creating a business and of course, the many home-courses available on becoming financially free. Nearly every one of those books, as well as audiotapes and DVD’s, recommend that once you create a concept, get it down on paper so you can clearly  see the scope of your idea. The next step is to model yourself after someone who has already succeeded at monetising a similar idea to yours. With that in mind, I’ve spent a large majority of today contemplating who exactly I would do well to model myself after.

I spent a fair amount of time looking at my idea on paper, allowing the sheer enormity of it all to wash over me in the hopes of putting key components of it into perspective. I mean, sure, my idea’s nothing different from other business models in that certain roles like a project manager, marketing manager or development team are mainstays. My primary concern has been that I personally don’t know anyone who’s created their own Web or Software Empire. The more I thought about it, the more I’d get frustrated and tired of thinking about it. I tried to think positively about it and so I’m thinking and I’m thinking but all that’s really happening is that there’s this inner conflict going on in my head where I’ll be like “Hmm, how am I going to find a mentor who has this type of background and has X amount of years experience in the same industry that I’m hoping to be successful in?” and “how am I going to get in front of this person?” and “What do I have to leverage in order to have a mentorship under this highly successful individual?” After I set those questions and a couple others to auto-spin for an hour or two, the motivation levels begin to slide gradually down to point of…yeah, you’ve got it, “Analysis Paralysis”.

It wasn’t until about 30 minutes ago when I was reflecting on my day and trying to find something of worth to include in this post, that I realised I had broken the carnal rule of creating a business. All this time and effort, which additively equates to a good 2-3 hours, could have been positively invested into exploring new possibilities and applications for my business model. I could even use that time, and it would have been well spent, to just simply chill out, reflect on the amazing stuff that I’ve already done and reiterate once more that up to a few days ago, I didn’t even have an idea. Flash forward a day or two and I have five floating around contentedly in my Thinkubator.

To be honest with you, when I say that you’re going to be be able to follow me in real-time over the next 80 days to becoming a millionaire, it’s just occurred to me that real-time actually means as I’m writing this post. So, I had intended to focus this post on how to place myself in order to get a mentor but the bigger truth is in the concept of not worrying about getting one at all. I mean, we all know there are 101 companies, organisations and foundations geared up to assist start-up businesses in making the right choices from the very beginning and I in no way promote ignorance and ”just winging it” (I learnt that lesson the hard way from setting up my own contracting business) but as I write this, I can with 100% confidence say that from this point on, I’m not going to stress about the how, when and why of getting a mentor. I’m just going to get it started, completely confident that with my dedication, my mentor is going to come to me.

Now, 90% of you are probably thinking, “This guy is doomed, has no concept about business, strategic planning, the actual logistics of running a corporation!” and all the other blah-bla-blahs that go along with it. The other 10% are going to be thinking “Man, he is really putting himself out there!” But honestly, seven days into my 80-Day challenge, it is all good.

Consider this for me; using the US as a measuring stick, about 3% of their total population controls more than 90% of the country’s wealth. There was another statistic saying that generally speaking, 90% of us are going to live our lives unfulfilled, whether that be in respect to a job you hate or an unhealthy relationship your in or the limiting constraints enforced upon you by your financial situation. 10% of us are going to go against the grain. For whatever reason, we are simply not going to be satisfied with the status quo and will do everything in our power to pull away from it, whether it’s starting a new business, researching a new technology or empowering others through service and charity. Of this 10% sadly, 7% are going to fail, it’s a statistical fact that may put the dreams and aspirationsof some in a daunting light.

Not me.

I choose to ignore the stats because at the end of the day, statistics mean more to the general population then they do to the top 3% who are achieving their goals, keeping their promises and living a life fulfilled. I’m one of those 3%, I believe it and thus I’ll achieve it. I personally feel that if I approach everything I do in this manner, great things are going to happen. One of them, I’m sure, will be me receiving a phone call from Mr. J (I’ll protect his privacy for now), calling up to say that he loves what I’m doing and would definitely like to be part of it. And if I’m the perfect apprentice, why won’t he, right?!

It actually reminds me of this quote I heard that goes:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

With that in mind, I’ll summarise the lessons I’ve learnt today:

  1. Self-empowerment – Necessary (remember your Mantra)
  2. “Analysis Paralysis” – Unnecessary (only brings bad mojo)
  3. Stressing over how to find a Mentor –  No longer necessary thanks to  lesson 1
  4. Having your mentor call up to express his interest in getting involved – Priceless

Obviously, from reading the above points you can tell I’m messing around a little but I don’t want the concept to be lost on anyone so let me reiterate; I promised myself I’d be a millionaire in 80 days and the how was made known to me in the form of little ideas and then one BIG idea. Applying the same concept of knowing I’ll receive the ‘what’, paying no mind to not knowing the ‘how’, I’m confident that over the next month, maybe even the next week, a series of events is going to be set in motion, resulting in exactly the answer I‘m looking for.

Now, I’ve begun receiving messages of support where many readers relate to some of the situations I’ve gone through and continue to go through. Thank you for these as they’re huge triggers to affirming my promise and hopefully re-affirming others who want to make a change in their life. If, you can relate to what I’ve written then by all means, leave a comment below and once again, I wish you well on your Journey To and Of Success.