Day 70: A Few Tips And Tricks To Increase My Sales Conversion

My friday night was spent hanging out with friends. I’ve actually been taken back by the amount of freedom my wife’s afforded me to socialize as much as I have (not that she ever insisted against me doing so but for all those guys who are married, you get what I mean). The great thing about Friday night though, was that I had the chance to bounce my progress off of a friend of mine, who’d had some experience handling his companies portfolio of national clients.

One of the challenges I’d mentioned was how prolonged my sales process seemed to be. I noted that the current process required four key interactions to make a sale (the prospecting phone call, an informational email, a followup call to arrange an appointment and the actual appointment to close the sale). This didn’t include the attempts to make contact with a prospect during this process. His suggestion was to include within the email, a preliminary quote for a standard website for the prospects benefit. The hook was to offer a discount for taking action within the next 7 days (or 5 business days). I hesitated because I was concerned about showing my hand too early without being face to face to close a deal. However I can understand the benefit in situations where some put less stock on face to face meetings too.

I guess the important thing to do is remember that when faced with a choice between two good options, the answer is usually yes. Not option A or option B (which I’m still prone to asking) but the option that works best for me. I’ll continue with my current approach at least until I’ve used it 30 times, before changing it to test my mates way. My challenge, once again, is to pick up the volume of sales on Monday.