Day 71: Life Has A Funny Way Of Doing Things..

I remember something Jim Rohn said about his mentor John Earl Shoaff. Mr. Shoaff summed up reaching success as being dependent on the mastery of half a dozen fundamentals. These basic truths would never vary and were already apparent to the individual. Truer words fact, it reminds me of a little lesson I was taught yesterday.

I had the chance, while my girls were asleep, to go for my 5 km run and do my circuit around mid-day. I finished the run and when it came to arriving at the playground, I had to wait for about 15 minutes for some children to finish playing before I could jump on the monkey bars. During the wait, I noticed that my running time was 4 minutes longer than before which was not a good start to the day. Once on the bars, I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling of fatigue that I kept hanging over me. Additionally, I didn’t bring any water and hadn’t had the greatest of meals that morning to set me up for a decent session. Suffice to say, once I was 50% of the way through my routine, I had to call it quits. With my blood sugar levels running low and my barely being able to do a full set of press ups and dips, I knew I wasn’t going to break any records today. On the way home I made it a point to rebuke myself. Not for stopping the circuit midway but for failing to prepare the day before. The lesson I was taught, again, was that “Tomorrow’s training begins today.”

Everyone will be well aware of the handful of things I’ve struggled with over the last 70 Days. The biggest has been prioritizing time. Part of this has been due to the demands of fatherhood and other work commitments but most of it has been due to my failure to consistently plan and prepare for the upcoming day, the night before. The problem is that comparatively, it’s so much harder for me to get into action when I look at my business. If it were my personal fitness, the problems are always much clearer. Don’t get me wrong, I still know where I’m lacking when it comes to training but the corrective steps always seem so much easier than those for my personal development. I know that having a perfect fitness system is a lot easier and gratifying, in my mind, than creating a perfect business system, partially because I’ve had greater success in the former.

It’s clear that I need to continue these planning sessions at the end of each night otherwise, despite my setbacks, it’s a certainty that I’ll never better myself.