Day 72: A gift from Josh on Valentines Day? Inconceivable! : )

That last bit was a homage to Princess Bride, arguably the greatest live action family movie of all time (challenge me if you dare)!

The great thing is that I actually think my wife was surprised that I gave her a gift this year (I’m of the opinion that she simply notices my efforts more this year given my “80-Day” Project but you can’t argue with progress). I’m just happy she liked the card I bought her (with the epic spiel on the back of it) and let me eat some of the Kit Kat block I bought her (am I right to be upset that she destroyed the rest of it the following day..?). Any way, my day was filled with happy times throughout. Most of my family ended up coming over to my house for a little Valentines Day dessert of Pancakes and Hokey Pokey Ice Cream. For all my American readers, you haven’t lived until you’ve had Hokey Pokey Ice Cream. Oh and don’t let the Pancake combo fool you, it tastes amazing.

All and all, my day turned out great. I didn’t get any work done for either Roarender or Checkity but spending time with my family offered the re-centering and piece of mind that will surely carry on in days, months and maybe even years to come. I also enjoy the odd pancake-scoffing session when opportunity allows so win-win!