Day 73: An Awkward Start To The Final Week

It wasn’t the late night that got me started on the wrong foot, neither was it the sunburn on my back from a foolhardy shirtless run on Saturday. No, the reason for the awkward start was an old lesson but a favourite of mine apparently; I failed to plan out my day the night before.

I’m sure that the other reasons had minor bearing on the day’s outcome but all and all, my biggest mistake was not using the diary on my desk. What’s that saying…failing to plan is planning to fail?

As a result, I ended up waking up later than I should have, forgetting to do some key calls and running out of time to do some web design work before I had to go to work at mid-day. Definitely not the best start to the week.

The other problem was that once I’d gotten stuck in to some web design work, the turnaround time was torturous. I expect that once I begin getting more and more clients, I’ll need to tackle that little issue more effectively. Let’s be honest, I need to handle it better now and the trick is breaking it down into manageable portions, just like a body-for-life eating plan, ha! It’s also the most common technique for overcoming procrastination for all the “put-off-for-another-day” people.

I can certainly eat 6-8 small meals a day so the testament will be how I fair at breaking down my large tasks in a similar fashion for the remainder of the week. If this is the type of thing you too struggle with, I suggest giving this a decent go and we can both review our progress at the end of the week.

Here’s to our continued success in the pursuit of Personal Mastery and Self Improvement!