Day 74: Every Business Owner Needs This At Least Once A Week

I’d like to adapt a delivery given by Jim Rohn:

How many calls should you make per day, week or month in order to schedule appointments with a prospect?

As many calls as you possibly can.

How much time should you spend per day, week or month making these calls?

As much time as you possibly can.

How many sales should you close within a particular day, week or month in order to be successful?

As many sales as you possibly can.

I’ve never appreciated the simplicity of these responses until this, Day 74, the day I made my first official sale for my design firm, Roarender. And although the entire process took 4 business days to complete, my self esteem and energy were boosted largely by the fact that this was a client acquired through “warm calling” and not an existing referral or mutual acquaintance (oddly enough , those leads were still in the pipeline after almost a month of follow-ups).

I remember the rush I felt after coming out of that meeting. Despite the handful of um’s and ah’s, I was feeling so glad that a) I made it through the sales presentation (sometimes by the seat of my pants) and b) that the client was still eager to get a hold of my account details to transfer the first installment and get the ball rolling immediately. A truly amazing feeling.

For the longest time, I couldn’t relate to what several sales coaches had said about the value of getting your first sale but now I truly understand. The exhilaration of successfully closing a sale coupled with the hunger to do it again was a huge buzz for me. To tell you the truth, I came back from that meeting eager to see who else I could make an appointment with only to realize that I couldn’t proceed because I hadn’t made more calls to other prospects in the days prior. This highlighted the greater need for me to be more proactive with my phone prospecting in order to create more opportunity for me to get in front of more people and hopefully close more sales.

In summary, I’ve learned several key points in this game just from my first 2 weeks of exposure:

  • Keep the rule of 3 in mind when attempting to forecast sales targets and the volume required in order to meet those targets.
  • Work on the premise that until your sales skills improve, volume is the only way to reach your sales targets.
  • Once you are well skilled in prospecting, face-to-face presentations and closing, volume is an insane way to decimate your sales targets now that you can confidently deliver the “Quality” to the “Quantity.”
  • Plan days, weeks and months in advance to take the pressure off improvising day-to-day.
  • “If at first you don’t suceed, try, try again.”

The best thing about this result is I’m probably only working at 15% of my full sales potential and once I hone in on a system that works well, I can only get better. Whether better is later defined as making two sales per week or 10 sales per week, I’m just excited with the result which is why I’m looking forward to that next fix and closing that next sale.