Day 75: Consistent Selling Creates Consistent Success

If, in November 2009, you’d approached me and said that I could be out of debt and running my own Digital Design Firm, I’d say it sounded great but probably wouldn’t happen. Given that I have a young family, high overheads, trouble managing my personal finances and am partial to Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips (I’ll explain the mention of chips later), the reality was less glamorous.

If, in December 2009, you’d told me that I could potentially earn $10,000.00 per month by being organized, disciplined and well prepared, I’d reply that I could probably start a company and make one sale per week but anymore than that would be impossible for me as I have no sales experience.

If, in January 2010, you’d told me that by making a certain amount of daily warm calls, followed by a face-to-face consult, I could generate enough leads to make a sale every day of the year, I wouldn’t be able to perceive such a reality. The workload would be too great to imagine though I could see myself making at least two sales per week.

If, in February 2010, you’d told me that my Digital Design Firm could earn over $500,000.00 a year, I’d have to agree.

Does that sound weird? Why the change in response? Well, let me break it down for you-

You’ll see that each month, the statement would be more ambitious than the last, each response growing in confidence though still reserved until the last. This is an example of how a person’s conscious mind can grow over a short space of time to not only desire a goal or possesion but be in tune to accept it. You see, wanting something is only half the battle. The other half is practicing the Law of Acceptance and allowing it to present itself to you. Clearly, the November statement shows that I wasn’t ready to accept it and thus wasn’t of the mindset to receive such a reality.

Faith is such a powerful thing and so many of us use it half-heartedly because we allow it to waver. I have been a waverer for most of my adult life and even in active practice I find it difficult to give myself over to the process in times of self-doubt and, for lack of a better word, faithlessness. Using the Law of Attraction or Faith is a liberating action that removes you as a bottleneck in the process of getting what you want, I can attest to this from my own limited success practicing it.

The slower option to having blind faith is to allow your consciousness to grow over time until you’re ready to accept what you desire. Using me as an example, it took me weeks of study and reflection to understand more about myself and what I needed to do to improve my skills and habits. This approach isn’t as dramatic and captivating as the first but it does work. I can say this because I’ve learned a great deal regarding the sales process, how to better market myself and my company and more about what it takes to be a successful and effective leader of a company. Were it November 2009, you’d have received a vacant look and a shrug of the shoulders.

The thing to note is that consistent growth is possible and fosters consistent development, resulting in consistent success. If I remember anything from this post, it should be this, especially considering that I made my second sale today! That’s why I don’t believe grossing an annual turnover of $500,000.00 would be impossible for my company for the 2010 financial year if I set upon achieving it.

ps. Oh, and the reference to chips at the top of this entry is just to point out that one excuse is just as good as the other when we shy away from opportunity and potential growth, least that’s what I think.